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    Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar Game Review:

        More then 90 wholly new levels are included in Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar. Besides, there are 15 different types of buildings and 8 kinds of new animals. This game is both vivid and interesting, which is favored by many players who are fond of simulation games!

        The first level
        Beginning: 3 chickens, 500
        Target: 5 chickens, 20 eggs
        Time: 1:20
        Try to buy 4 chickens and collect all of the eggs with 1:04.
        The second level
        Beginning: 3 chickens, 190
        Target: 4 chickens, 10 eggs, 3 egg powers
        Time: 1:40
        Purchase the egg powder first, and then capture a bear after 20 seconds; Sell out both the bear and two eggs to buy a chicken; 10 eggs can create 2 egg powders; Meet the target by selling out both the chicken and the egg powder within 1:30.
        The third level
        Beginning: 1chicken, 300
        Target: 5 chickens, 5 eggs, 2 cakes
        Time: 2:00
        Buy a chicken and a egg powder factory first; sell out a bear after 20 seconds; waiting for the egg to create egg power; seel another bear after 40 seconds; process egg cake in the factory; sell both the egg cake and the bear after one minute for $210; meet the target by buying two chickens within 1:50.
        The fourth level
        Beginning: 1 chicken, 100
        Target: 4 cakes, 5 flours, 500
        Time: 2:40
        First buy a chicken and then capture two bears after 25 seconds. Sell out all of them; save the water; buy 3 flours; sell out both the egg cake and the chicken when you have 5 eggs.
        Buy a cake factory and catch two bears for selling; buy two cakes and make 500 amounts of money to meet the target within 1:25. At last, you can get a water trophy.
        The fifth level
        Beginning: 5chickens, 50
        Target: 10 powder eggs, 10 egg cakes, 10 cakes
        Time: 3:40
        Buy 3 chickens first and then buy five flours; sell two bears after 40 seconds and then upgrade your egg powder factory;
        Make cake and sell for money; sell the chick out when you have 10 eggs; buy another five flours and upgrade your cake factory and egg cake factory within 3:20.
        The sixth level
        Beginning: 200
        Target: 20 chickens, 8 egg powders, 6 egg cakes, 4 cakes
        Time: 4:30
        First buy two chickens, remember to save the water; sell two bears after 20 seconds; put two bears in the warehouse and another two waiting for the cart. In the middle of which, remember to buy 5 cakes.
        Buy cake factory and process cakes; sell it and buy hatching factory; create cake and catch bear for selling; meet the target by buying 20 chickens within 4 minutes.
        The seventh level
        Beginning: 2 chickens, 150
        Target: 20 egg powders, 40 eggs, 1000
        Time: 4:00
        First buy a chicken and sell the bear as soon as you catch one; buy two flours. Next, sell both the cake and the bear, buy chicken within 3:30; just remember to supply flour in the middle of it.
        The eighth level
        Beginning: 1 chicken, 500
        Target: 15 egg cakes, 20 eggs, 15 chickens
        Time: 4:00
        Buy two chickens and the egg cake factory; sell the bear out to buy flour; make cake and wait for the eggs to hatch; upgrade your factory to the third level during the period to complete the mission;
        The ninth level
        Beginning: 100
        Target: 16 cakes, 10 flours, 2000
        Time: 6:00
        Buy a chicken and make a cake with the egg it lays as soon as you can, and then sell the egg cake; buy 3 flours and make cakes for selling; supply at least 3 chickens; upgrade the factory at least to the third level; meet the target within 5 minutes.
        The tenth level
        Beginning: 500
        Target: 30 chickens, 30 eggs, 5 cakes
        Time: 3:20
        Buy 3 chickens and five cakes; hatch the eggs and then make cakes for selling; upgrade the hatching factory; hatch 22 eggs while finishing to make 5 cakes; meet the target by earning 800 to buy chickens;
        The eleventh level
        Beginning: 100
        Target: 20 cakes, 2 feathers
        Time: 6: 30
        Buy a chicken; use the egg for hatching; capture the bear after one minute and sell it; buy 6 flours and 20 flours afterwards; capture the bear as soon as you see one; sell the bear and cake; upgrade the flour, cake and egg cake factory; buy an ostrich when you have 1000; do not worry about the time;
        The twelfth level
        Beginning: 500
        Target: 16 cakes, 20 eggs, 25 chickens, 1 ostrich
        Time: 5:00
        Buy the egg powder factory first and 2 chickens and 5 flours; produce egg powder t\with the egg; use the left egg for hatching; sell the bear; upgrade your egg powder factory to the second level; see the bear and cake in time; supply flour to 16; upgrade cart and warehouse with the left money; buy the ostrich to meet the target when you have 25 chickens and enough cakes; Do not worry about the time;
        The thirteenth level
        Beginning: 1 ostrich
        Target: 30 egg powders, 10 egg cakes, 2000
        Time: 5:00
        Buy the cake factory and 2 chickens; sell the ostrich to buy cake factory and 10 flours; catch the bear; sell the cake and unnecessary egg powder; buy 4 or 5 chickens; process egg powder as fast as you can; upgrade the warehouse in the middle; move the cart faster; meet the target by making enough amount of cakes within 4:00.

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