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    Farming Simulator 2013 Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Farming Simulator 2013 has attracted many players because of its convenient operation method. In this game, players can manage their own farm and operate many machines by themselves. Many new machines, vehicles, crops, animals and environment are included in this game.
        From harvesting to selling, players need to develop and manage their won farm in a vast world. There are more than 100 kinds of agricultural machines are available for players.

        Strategy guide:
        W: Up S: Down A: Left D: Right
        Q: Tractor with tools / trailer connection button. Note that, you must take the tractor or harvester aligning with tool / trailer.
        R: Map: Dial, Telephone, dollars, and other icons of the central land where pressing the R key will display the appropriate prompt.
        I: Maps and associated weather, crop prices, capital changes and other information tips. Always press this key with particular attention to price changes crops. Besides, you should plant valuable crop, which will help you make more money.
        O: Switching between four kinds of crops. The fourth is lawn for grasses. So never plant them on crop land out of curiosity. It cannot be removed once you plant it on the crop land. So you should plant it next to the rodeo or rodeo land. In this way, it will be convenient for you to harvest these grasses and feed the cow. Of course, there are appropriate machinery for you to plant them.
        P: Shops. You can buy all kinds of machinery, tools, animals, and extra amenities (such as hives, greenhouses, and solar energy and so on).
        H: Hire workers. You should apply this button when you are reaping, plowing or sowing. Usually, it is useless and expensive. B: The button to start your machine. (I drive my harvester to the No. 16 only to find nothing ). Press B and all the harvester, planters, cultivators will start to work. But you need to control the direction unless you hire a man by pressing H.
        At the beginning of this game, you can only plow the No. 16. It is very expensive to purchase a land in this game. My suggestion is to cultivate the land No. 16 carefully and accumulate money. Next you can expand your land one by one once you have enough money.
        There are all kinds of machineries in this game. Besides, players can search for the mechanical models, data, and service life, and the quantity sold. All of these can help them understand the American farming system and different styles of these machinery.
        Of course, players have to do other tasks. They need to equip each machine with relative tool. For example, the harvester cannot work without the blade; collect potato with potato harvester, and sugar beet with sugar beet machine. In a word, players need to be patient when they are playing this game. Besides, they need to choose appropriate weapon for themselves. In this way, their work can be productive and repayable.
        Next let us talk something about the tasks. The time interval between different tasks is five minutes. You can adjust it by yourself. I believe that your first task is to load a vehicle and then transport the crop on the vehicle to the corresponding place. I perform this task with tractor for twice. But it ends with failure.
        The reward is abundant. What you should keep in mind is the time limit and the appropriate machinery. So purchase proper machinery before your task and then finish the task during the limited period of time.

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