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    FIFA Soccer 13 Game Review:

        FIFA Soccer 13 is the sequel to the soccer game FIFA developed by EA. Compared with the last work, there are many improvements have been made to this one no matter about the players collision system, stopping or tactical kick. This work will have a complete dribbling system and more aggressive AI. Besides, FIFA 13 contains more than 500 authorized clubs and more than 15000 soccer players, which makes this game become realistic.
        Five important improvements
        First touch control
        Soccer control is more vivid in this game. It will be hard for players to control soccer in this game. Everything depends on strength, speed, the height of the soccer, and players' soccer controlling and dribbling ability.
        Player collision
        Another improvement lies in the player collision engine. The imperfect points in this respect have been removed from this work. This game has been upgraded by adding a new set of collision figures about players' hips and upper body area.
        Complete dribbling
        Players can dribble the soccer just by changing the direction in FIFA 12. But this will not work in FIFA 13.
        Tactical kick
        A new tactical kick system is added to this game. Now, at most three players can be located at the serve point. Together, they can tease their opponents' wall and the goalkeeper.
        Attack AI
        Attack AI has been completely recreated in this game. The players controlled by the computer can choose better moving line. Besides, players in this game are also good at capturing soccer passing direction. The forward is more intelligent. He can also move along the back line when he is waiting for his teammates to pass the ball to him in order to avoid offside.

        FIFA 13 defense experience
        First players need to change relative setting in the Setting icon: change the auto into manual.
        OK, it is done! Now you have the power to defeat Legendary. Come on!
        Of course, players also need to master the actual operation method.
        What players need to do: let the middle filed player defend, do not pass the ball randomly. You can finish the mission by only controlling this player. Remember to select the middle field player or front court player. But never prefer to the back court player. The yellow players are the back court player, which cannot be controlled by you.
        Besides, players need to control the middle field players to provide assistance when the opponents are trying to intrude.
        Here is the key. Players need to keep the central axis, that is the middle area beyond the restricted area.
        First: guard against your opponent by applying the middle field player; second, control/cut the route leading to the middle field.
        It will be enough for you to remember the above two points!
        Global management
        You can act as both a player and a manager in this game. In order to manage the career life, you can ask for those clubs to provide soccer playing opportunities.
        Player story
        Player story is a new thing in the career life. Players can interact with their fans. These stories will be updated regularly. When something big happens, it will appear in the headline next day.
        As a player
        As a professional player, you need to design seasonal goal for yourself and try to realize it. Many locations in the font field, middle field and back filed are available to you.
        You need to realize some small goals either besides the seasonal goal.
        If you are not satisfied with your ability number, you can readjust it or turn it into experience.

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