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    Fishdom 3 Game Review:

        This is a match game developed by Playrix Entertainment. There are different types of fishes in this game. The background is set under the sea water. What players need to do is to earn more golden coins to buy more fishes. Besides, they need to buy decorations to upgrade their tank in order to hold more fishes. This game fits for both adults and children to play. So you definitely cannot miss it.

        1. Tutorial is available to players at the beginning of this game. So you should not worry about that you cannot handle this game. You can just follow the little fish to finish those steps. But if you are familiar with match games, this game will be a piece of cake for you. First, you need to learn how to feed this lovely fish. Of course, this will not be difficult. You can just click the feeder under the screen and click it anywhere on the screen.
        Next you want to buy more fish. But the number of your golden coins for now is limited. So you need to earn more golden coins first. So click the Play icon and start the match game to win golden coins. Create matches of three or more in a row by swapping adjacent pieces. Of course, you can win more golden coins by using lesser time to wipe out all the golden tiles on the board.
        You can upgrade the tank while the game progress after winning your first trophy. The most important thing is that your tank can hold six fishes once it is upgraded. But at first, it can only hold three fishes. Now, it is time for you to but some partners for your fish. Of course, you can still buy any decoration you want to as long as you have enough money. But do buy as many decorations as you can because it is very important to upgrade your aquarium except for its beautification function.
        2. Besides, you also need to clean your aquarium regularly to keep your fish healthy. A certain amount of golden coins will be rewarded to you after this.
        3. Do remember to collect all of those stars because they are your experience score, which can help you upgrade the aquarium either.
        4. There are some props for you to apply during this game. The first one is the bomb. This bomb explodes everything around it within a radius of 2 tiles. It can be obtained by making a combination of 5 pieces.
        5. Firecracker; explodes all the neighboring tiles. This item appears only as a result of a cascade match of 5 or more falling pieces and cannot be earned by a player's match.
        6. Lighting; You acquire lighting by setting off 7 bombs. Lighting can be used to remove all the pieces of a certain types from the board. To do this, exchange it on the field with the type of piece you wish to destroy.
        7. The more trophies your aquarium has received, the more fish can live in it.

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