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    FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Game Review:

        FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is a new game based on Flat Out 2. Both of them are developed by Bugbear Entertainment. This game will bring players a wholly new game experience.
        New racing cars are added to this game. The number of the racing car is increased to 12 from the 8 contained in the original Flat Out 2. Besides, five players can enjoy this game at the same time with two kinds of online modes.
        More than 16 different kinds of modified cars are available in this game. Besides, there are more than 45 racing tracks. The most distinctive feature of this game is that there are more collision and destruction scenes during the game.
        Every car has more than 40 deformable or detachable parts. After every exciting competition, there are car components all over on the racing track, including the crooked body sheet metal, vehicle parts scattered, and broken windshield, etc.
        Besides, there are different kinds of obstacles appearing in this game, including tire wall, fence, casks, and tanks, etc. The racing car will be overturned upside down if they knock into any of these obstacles by accident.

        1. At first sight, you might be surprised at the big size of this racing game. But do not worry though, which will not bring any inconvenience for you to enjoy this game. But after entering into this game, you will see the following items:Flatout mode, carnage mode, live, single events, party mode, options, extras, guide, and quit game.
        2. Next let us talk about these items one by one. After entering into the Flatout mode, you will be welcome to the car shop first. Here you can purchase your first car! You can only afford Derby cars, but after you earn a bit more money, you can buy cars from Race the Street classes and participate in cups within these classes. Besides, you can take part into different kinds of competitions to win cups. There are three levels available to you. After these levels, you can obtain 16 cups altogether.
        3. Here is the Carnage Mode. Having finished this mode, you can win altogether 15 cups. Rumors has it that huge airs are the key to victory!
        4. This is the live mode. There are the following items under this mode: players match, ranked match, create player match, create list play. But you need to be online to get access to this items. As far as the specific content, you can click each of them to find out.
        5. Now it is the events mode. There are specific episodes in this game. But the content is the same. Just different players compete with each other. Race is also available in this mode. So you can participate in a single race on any race track of your choice.
        6. There is also stunt. So you can choose to take part in the Ski jump, Ring of Fire. Stone skipping or any other of the 12 wacky stunt events. Next item is Derby. Players can take part in destructing derby challenges and earn wrecking points by dealing damage, destroying cars and ultimately surviving the challenges under this item. Next is the time trial, you need to get the fastest possible lap time for a single lap. At last, you will get into the bonus mode. Under this mode, you can take part in racing events on special track.
        7. Eight players will enjoy his game with you online.
        8. There are two items in the EXTRA. You can ignore the Credits. But you can type into relative codes by clicking the code icon.
        9. Although the racing car has four wheels, but you cannot drive it in a blind way. Or your car will be crushed. You will see that one or two parts of the car will drop down once you hit some obstacles. But if there are too many collisions, you car will be nothing but a pile of useless steels. Besides, you need to start the game all over again. In this way, you should know that all the obstacles including the deformed tires on the racing track are designed to test your driving skill. You should avoid them by trying your best instead of hitting them one by one.
        Pimpster:type into the code RUTTO
        Mob car:type into the code BIGTRUCK
        Rocket car:type into the code KALJAKOPPA
        Bonecracker(Derby):win Bonecracker Demolition Derby gold medal
        Canyon(Street):win Canyon Beat The Bomb Race gold medal
        Crusader(Street):win Crusader Deathmatch Derby gold medal
        Flatmobile(Special):win Flatmobile Beat The Bomb Race gold medal
        Grinder(Derby):win Grinder Demolition Derby gold medal
        Insetta(Race):win Insetta Carnage Race gold medal
        Mob Car(Special): win Mob Car Carnage Race gold medal
        Road King(Street):win Road King Beat the Bomb Race gold medal
        Truck(Special):win Truck Deathmatch Derby gold medal

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