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    Flow Free Game Review:

        Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. The graphics in this game are not very tricky but full of content. Many players speak highly of this game. So you shall not miss it.
        At first sight, Flow Free is similar to ordinary removing game. There are dots with different colors. But this is not a removing game. In this game, players need to connect two dots with the same color. At last, players need to cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Does it sound like a little bit difficult?
        Flow Free is very small in size with simple graphics. But it is really interesting to play. More than 300 levels are available to players. So if you have both time and energy, you can download this game and have a try.

        1. It is not very difficult to play this game. But it will not be very easy to play this game at the beginning. Usually, we play a lot of connection game. But this game is different from the ordinary connection game. If you apply the same thinking pattern, and then it might be a little bit difficult for you to handle this game.
        2. The game method is very simple. What players need to do is to connect two dots with the same color. But line cross or overlap is forbidden. Think ahead before connecting.
        3. 5×5 level one: There are altogether five colors: yellow, blue, brown, green and red. You should connect two yellow dots and brown dots to form a square. Next connect two blue dots and green dots to from a square. At the you can connect two red dots to complete this level.
        4. 5×5 level two: It is a little bit tricky to finish this level. First connect two red dots, and then connect two green dots and blue dots. At last, you can connect two yellow dots to finish this level.
        5. 5×5 level three: This level is not very difficult, but you need to pay attention to the connection order. Or the lines will overlap or cross. You should connect the dots from the right side to the left side. First connect two green dots on the most right side, and then the red dots and two brown dots. It is a little bit difficult to connect those two blue dots because you need to turn three times to connect these two dots together. Or this line will cross with the red or brown line. At last, connect two yellow dots together to break through this level.
        6. 5×5 level four: In this level, you need to connect those dots by following from the bottom to the top order. First connect two blue dots together. Next connect two yellow dots and two green dots together. But you need to watch out that the green line may cross with the yellow or blue line. At last, you can finish the level by connecting two red dots left.

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