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    Fruit Ninja Free Game Review:

        This is the end of a long-time waiting! Fruit Ninja is already published with upgraded contents. The game experience will also be different! In fact, many performances are upgraded about this game. So we cannot list them one by one.
        There are altogether eight new types of blades and seven different types of backgrounds. Besides, those upgraded new tools and guava expected by most players sound like more exciting to players. We have also carefully choose some flat device and do some adjustments. On these device, multiple players can play this game together. This will be a totally new game experience.
        So upgrade your game right now and try it on your Android device. More details are as follows!

        GUTSU's purchase cart and new upgraded tools:
        Use carambola. You can upgrade your weaponry by making use of this super fruit. Our traveler and businessman Gutsu and his friend Truffles will make sure that you will get the most profitable bargain.
        Bomb offset: this is a new skill master by those Ninjas. You need to dispel those disgusting bombs. Next you can just wait to score!
        Strawberry explosion: you need to be fully prepared for a messy game scene if you use such kind of super fruit with high possibility of explosion.
        Peach time: These peached can buy you some time in the arcade mode and multiplayer mode in order to score more. You need to challenge the extreme in the fighting and let the clock tick tick!
        Slide your finger through the screen, and then you will be a real Ninja. You can slice those juicy fruits into pieces and see them fly to different directions.
        But you need to be watch out for those bombs because they will explode as long as you touch them. In this way, you need to try again.
        01.Fruit Ninja - Get a score of 50 in classic mode
        02.Great Fruit Ninja - Get a score of 100 in classic mode
        03.Ultimate Fruit Ninja- Get a score of 200 in classic mode
        04.Fruit Fight - Killed 150 fruit total
        05.Fruit Blitz - Killed 500 fruit total
        06.Fruit Rampage - Killed 1,000 fruit total
        07.Fruit Rampage - Killed 5,000 fruit total
        08.Fruit Annihilation - Killed 10,000 fruit total
        09.Go Banana - Killed 10 bananas in on round of classic mode
        10. NO Doctors Here - Killed 15 apples in one round of classic mode
        11.Purple is a Fruit - Killed 20 plums in one round of classic mode
        12.Lucky Ninja - Get 6 critical hits in one round of classic mode
        13.Its all Pear Shaped! - Killed 3 Pears in a row in classic mode
        14.Mango Magic - Got a critical hit with a mango
        15.Deja Vu - Killed 4 of the same type of fruit in a row in classic mode
        16.Are you kidding me? - Failed with the same score as your personal best
        17.Wake up - Failed with a score of 0
        18.Tee Hee Hee - Failed with a score of 69
        19.Almost a Century - Failed with a score of 99
        20.Combo Mambo - Sliced 6 fruit in one combo
        21.Moment of Zen - Achieved a score of 200 in zen mode
        22.Patience is a Virtue - Sliced 10 "Coming Soon" fruits
        23.Year of the Dragon - Sliced the secret fruit (This is a rare fruit that comes 24.from the side of the screen and gives the player 50 points)
        24.Lovely Bunch - Get the Lovely Bunch star in zen mode (A Lovely Bunch is a combo with just coconuts)
        25.Over Achiever - Get a score over 400 after all bonuses in Arcade Mode
        26.Under Achiever - Ger a score less than 20 after all bonuses in Arcade Mode
        27.Hit three bombs and scored over 250 after all bonuses in Arcade Mode
        28.Perfectionist - Retried a game 3 times in a row.
        29.Night Shift - Completed 3 games between the hours of 2am and 5am.
        30.Connected Ninja - Posted a score on Facebook or Twitter

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