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    Fruit Ninja Game Review:

        Fruit Ninja is a very simple game. Players have only one goal in this game, that is to cut fruits! Different kinds of fruits will pop up on the screen-watermelons, pineapples, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, pomegranates, star fruit, apple, and pitaya, etc. So players need to cut all of fruits in half before they drop out of the screen. Do not cut the bomb! Or the game will start over.
        There is also a time trial. There is no bomb in this mode. Everything depends on players' skill. The time limit is 60 seconds. Some fruits might pop up from the left or right side of the screen.
        There are three different types of bananas available in the arcade mode-icy banana, fanatic banana and double banana. Besides, players also need to avoid the purple bombs. They will be deducted by ten points for cutting each bomb. The time limit is also 60 seconds.
        It is very simple to play this game. What players need to do is to slash the fruits in half on the screen with their fingers.

        There are altogether three modes are available in this game.
        Classic mode: Many fruits will pop up in this classic mode. There is no time limit. Three misses are allowable in this game. But once you cut the bomb, it will start over.
        Pomegranate will appear in this mode (you can win more scores by cutting it more than once continuously. Apparently the score depends on players' cutting speed). Pitaya (+50 points) and carambola (+150; 175; 200 points, and random low scores) .
        Zen mode: The time limit is one minute and a half. Fruits will keep propping up in this mode.
        Arcade mode: This is a latest mode with banana. It is also the richest mode.
        Both bombs and fruits will appear in this mode. The time limit is one minute. The special thing is that 10 points will be deducted from your current score once you cut a bomb.
        Besides, there are three different types of banana in this game. The blue and white banana can freeze the time and slow down the fruits.
        The blue and yellow banana can double the score. While the red and yellow banana can attract more fruits to appear on the screen. The key is to how to control these three different types of bananas. Besides, players can get additional scores for successive cutting. More score will be rewarded at the end of this game.
        1. If you see a bomb is mingled with many fruits, and then you should wait for them to separate. Until then, you can cut the fruit.
        2. You can cut more than one bananas at the same time. The effect is the same.
        3. You should cut the smaller ones first if many fruits are thrown up at the same time because the smaller ones will drop faster. So you need to cut them carefully.
        4. You do not necessarily to cut the fruit as soon as they appear on the screen. You can wait and cut them until they mingle with each other or stand on the same line.
        5. Do not cut blindly, or you will cut the bomb. You should plan it first.
        6. Do not miss those bananas under the arcade mode. You will find that the reward is really magnificent once you cut a banana.

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