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    GabCab Game Review:

        Gab Cab is an interesting PUZ. In this game, you will operate an automobile company. With the money you make, you can upgrade the performance and the scale of your cab. It seems to be very simple for many players, but you need to think hard about how to save the expenditure and make more money.
        Relax yourself in this virtual world. What you need to do is to upgrade your cab and hire assistants. Besides, you need to make sure that all of the passengers can get to their destinations in time in order to earn more tips. More and more passengers will wait for you while the game progress. Of course, there will be more opportunities for you to make money.
        During this game, you will travel through eight different cities. So come and send these passengers to their destinations by applying different strategies.
        This game includes altogether eight chapters with 98 interesting levels. Players can upgrade their car in terms of comfort, safety, speed and fuel consumption. To do this, they can hire more helpers, including luxury cars and coaches, etc. At last, they will win 25 different kinds of medals and the opportunity to challenge the "perfect score".

        1. You can start this game by clicking the "play" icon. This is Monday. So you should get started now! Remember your goal score is 250. But there are other higher scores. For example, 300 is the expert score, 500 is the master score and 700 is the Supreme score. So come and challenge yourself to see which one you are!
        2. Pick-up customers! Click on customers to schedule Gabby to pick them up.
        3. Drop-off customers: schedule a drop-off by clicking on the location where the customer wants to go.
        4. Change direction! Double-click on any location to reroute your cab and make it go there next!
        5. Collect tips: customers will throw coins into the air for your tips! Mouse over the coins, without clicking on them, to catch them!
        6. You can fill up to 3 customers in your cab. Customers who have been scheduled for drop-off will be transparent.
        7. Gas up! Stop at the gas station to instantly refill your gas, or click on the gas station and then hold down on the cab to slowly refill manually!
        8. Remember to refill the fuel before you start each level, or you cab will be out of fuel. This will waste your time. The outcome is that you cannot get the relative tips if your customers wait too long. Besides, you need to serve more customers at the same time while the game progress. So you need to use your head and plan well. Do not get panic. Or you will fail to send all of your customers to their destinations in time. Remember you have only one goal in this game, that is, send your customers to their destinations and pick up the golden coins.

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