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    Geared Game Review:

        Geared is very simple and interesting game on the Android platform. In this game, players need to combine different kinds of gears. The graphics of this game are not tricky enough. But you need to use your head and think hard to break through some levels. This requires players to try more than once.

        1.After entering into this game, players will see gears with different sizes keep spinning. Under the screen, players can see all kinds of gears that can be used by them. The main problem is that these gears are of different sizes. So players need to select and drag more than one gears to combine. You are a winner as long as the upper large gear is spinning driven by the under small gear.
        2. Next we will talk about levels one by one. It is very simple to break through the first level. Connect the blue gear to the yellow gear using the single gear in your inventory below. Just touch and drag by following the arrow.
        3. This level will be a little bit difficult to you if you are a new player. The gap is larger this time. You will need to stack to gears this time. So you need to think about it before you drag the gear.
        4. There are three gears in your inventory this time. You need to drag them to the relative place one by one. It is suggested to try dropping them from above. The gravity will pull them down.
        5. It is very interesting to play this level. This level is a little bit different. You will see a blue gear on the left side and a yellow gear on the right side. But how to let these two gears keep spinning at the same time. Actually, it is very simple: just drag the gear in your inventory to the upper middle place between those two gears.
        6. This level is a creative one. At first sight, you will be frightened because the distance between the two wheels is really huge. It is not very difficult to break through this level although you need to move five wheels. First drag one of the wheel to the upper side and let it drop down. Repeat this action for five times. At last, you will find that both the blue gear and the yellow gear are spinning at the same time.
        7. It is a little bit tricky to finish this level. Although the gap between the two given wheels are not big enough, it is not very easy to put two wheels between them in a proper way. So first drag the smaller wheel and let it parallel with the yellow wheel, and then drag the bigger wheel to the upper side of the smaller wheel. In this way, you will see all of the four wheels spinning.

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