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    German Truck Simulator Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        In this game, players need to try their best to make money. They need to drive their truck and deliver the cargoes to every corner of Germany. But they can also enjoy the scenery all the way. This game covers all of the big cities in Germany from the Hamburg in the north to the Munich in the south, from the Dresden in the east to Dusseldorf in the west. Players can leisurely travel among 18 different countries in this game.

        1 to 7 (non-numeric keypad): Game Perspective
        8 (non-numeric keypad): switch perspective
        W / ↑: acceleration
        S / ↓: brake
        A / ←: turn left
        D / →: turn right
        / (Numeric keypad): Look to the left
        * (Numeric keypad): look to the right
        Left shift: upshift
        Left ctrl: downshift
        Left Alt: switch perspective
        Space: brake
        B: Service brake
        N: Map & Task Manager
        M: Display / Hide driving small map
        Enter: enter (garage, service station) to buy
        [: Left turn signal
        ]: Right turn signal
        H: Horn
        E: switch on/switch off engine
        L: light (near and far light on and off)
        P: wiper
        T: load / unload container (trailers)
        C: activate / deactivate the cruise (this feature can keep the current speed)
        F: Dual Flash
        R: music player(this function may not available for some versions)
        F2: Display / Hide rear mirrors
        F3: Display / Hide dashboard
        F5: Functions the same as "N" key
        F6: Open Cargo (freight) Task Manager
        F7: Open dialog management
        F8: Open the mailbox
        F10: screenshot
        This delivery process of this game is different from those of other similar games. It will be easy for you to pull up aside. But it will be a little bit of tricky for you to pull up among many containers. You should be careful and not to knock into the containers on both sides when you are reversing your truck.
        Reverse the truck to the designated place. It is suggested to apply "2" and "3" perspectives. You can control your truck with the keyboard. After this, press "T" to deliver your cargo. The game system will assess the players' performance automatically. Players will be rewarded with relative amount of reward and experience points based on their performance. Press "Enter" to add the money into your own pocket.
        Having finished a certain delivery task, the headquarter will assign another task for you immediately. Of course, you have time to have a break before the next task.
        This game puts more emphasis on the career life. It is about cargo delivery, purchase trucks and job-hopping. While job-hopping is a new thing in this kind of game. This is the first breakthrough made by the SCS truck simulation series.
        Once players have enough experience in terms of cargo delivery, and then they will receive recruitment email sent to them by other companies. Such emails are sent our randomly regardless of cargo delivery times or driving skills. Usually, players will also receive recruitment email once they deliver cargo for three times.
        The new company can provide you with better terms and better trucks. If you are an employee, and then you can ger a truck with higher speed and higher performance. Once you get a recruitment email, you can think about work in that company and quit your current job. Remember you do not need to pay for the fuel fee or maintenance fee at the service station once you are the professional driver of the delivery company. You can also upgrade your truck with the money you owned.
        It is very easy for you to finish the job-hopping. Press "N" and then select "E-mail". But you need to finish the task given to you by the current company before you transfer to another company. After arriving to the new company, you can get a truck with higher horsepower besides higher salary. This car is B car; while your original car is C car, which will be taken back by the former company.
        You will receive three e-mails about second-hand truck selling from different truck dealers once you have money about 10,000 Euros. This is a good thing for you because in this way you can buy these second-hand truck at a very cheap price. Thus players can purchase their own favourite trucks.
        After purchasing trucks, players will not be independent professional drivers. But they need to finish their last task given by the former transport company according the relative conditions before leaving. But if you have enough money at hand, you can also upgrade relative components of your truck at the service station.
        Players will become a member of the professional driver once they buy their first second-hand truck. At the early stage of career life, players only work for two transport companies. They can drive their truck to the designated yard and pick up their own cargoes.
        The salary is not very rich at the beginning. It is only about 4000 Euros. But you need to be careful when you are delivery some cargoes at a low prices because you will pay a heavy price once they are damaged. For example, you can make 1000~3000 Euros out of one delivery task. But if the cargoes get damaged because of your carelessness, and then you have to pay one hundred to one thousand euros debt for the damaged cargoes, which means you have no gains this time.
        On your journey, you will receive some special E-mails from the transport companies from time to tome. So you should press "N" and display the "whole electric map and delivery task" dialogue framework. Next select "E-mail" and check all the emails sent to you by different delivery companies.

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