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Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator

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      Goat Simulator would help you realize your dream of being a cute goat. This is the latest in goat simulation technology. In this game, you can be a crazy goat and cause as much destruction as you possibly can imagine as a goat.
      You might say this game is stupid and it is not logical. Yes! You are right. This is the most fantastic point about this game. If you are not in a good mood today, you can seek relief from this wonderful game. As a crazy goat, you can even poke a hole in the sky as long as you are happy. All the things are available for you to wreck.
      As for the skill aspect, this game is very easy to play. You do not need to worry if you think yourself as not a game person. In other games, you might need to do all kinds of stunts or difficult tasks to win high scores. But in this game, all you need to do is to destroy things. The more things you can wreck, the higher score you can get. For example, if you see a table, you can just run toward it and turn it upside down, which can win you scores. There are a lot of such interesting blockades for you in this game. And some of them might be out of your imagination. It would be a new experience as a crazy goat to do the bad human things which you are forbidden to do in real life.
      So forget all your worries and troubles as a human and just be a simple-minded and crazy goat in this amazing game, you can find all the sense of lightness and comfort here!