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    Golden Age of Racing Game Review:

        This game will take us back to the year of 1960. This year is in the golden age of racing, players can feel that kind of racing atmosphere at that time in this game. Different players can compete with each other at the same time. More than ten kinds of popular racing cars and realistic racing tracks are available in this game. It depends on your driving skill whether you can become the king of the golden racing age.

        1. This game includes three modes: challenge mode, race mode and the champion mode. First is the challenge mode. Under this mode, what players need to do is to cover three laps within the given time. A new trophy can be unlocked once you can successfully finish the task. By the way, the time limit given by the system is 36 seconds, and I took 34 seconds.
        2. Next is the race mode. Under this mode, you need to compete with many other racers on the same racing track. Your ultimate goal is to get first and win the trophy. But you need to watch out for other racing cars. Do not try to knock other racing cars on purpose because the result you want is to be the first and unlock the trophy.
        3. Now it reaches to the champion mode. Under this mode, different players will compete with each other but each of them has their own racing track. So you cannot trespass other players' racing track. You need to cover five laps. So be focused and finish the five laps as fast as you can is your only job.
        4. You need to note which way is the right direction for you once you hit the rail or other racing cars and recover form your damage. It will be impossible for you to get to your destination if you run toward the opposite direction. But do not worry though, there will be relative hint (a red circular mark with a straight line in it) for you. So watch out and do not drive blindly.
        5. You can check the trophy room to find the already unlocked trophies. If you find some trophies are still unlocked, which means that your performance is not good enough for some levels. So you need to try again and use lesser time. A trophy will not be rewarded to you unless you rank among the first threes.
        6. Do not drive too fast when there is a turning, or you will lose control to your car. Besides, you should release the acceleration button when you are turning because pressing both the direction arrow and the acceleration button is not the way to realize a perfect turning. Your car will only to be overturned. Besides, you should slow down when there is a turning appear in your sight because it is too late for you to decelerate when you reach to this turning. If you refuse to slow down, your racing car will go wild and keep spinning at the same place. In this way, you will become the clown on the racing field instead of the king of this golden racing age. You will be made fun of by those audience.

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