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    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Game Review:

        The story background of this game is set in Liberty City. Here, Lee Huang is the son of a rich family. His father is gang master. But his father is killed during a fire war. Afterwards, Lee Huang and his other family members come to the Liberty City with a Sword of Eduardo in his hand. First of all, he wants to avenge for his father. Besides, he also wants to carry out his father's career and being a gang master. But there are a lot of people who want to take over his father's place. Thus he has to make sure his own safety first and then starts his adventuring journey in this weird Liberty City.......
        Lee Huang (HONG KONG Jyutping: Lee Wong)
        Lee Huang is the son of a rich family. His father is Mafia leader of Kowloon. After his father gets killed, Lee Huang gets the Sword of Eduardo from his uncle "Kenny" in order to make sure his family status. But he is hacked by other enemies when he gets to the airport. Besides, his sword is also robbed of. Fortunately, he survives. But in order to avenge his father and save the honor of his family, he continues to seek answers in this corrupt place.
        Shan Ling
        Shan Ling is a street girl in Chinatown. Under her beautiful face, she is equipped with assassin skills. She is one of the followers of Kenny and one of bodyguards with several subordinates. She is dead at the beginning of the game. But there is controversial about her death. Some people say she is rescued by the ambulance.
        Wu 'Kenny' Lee
        Wu 'Kenny' Lee is the leader of the old school. He likes his double-breasted suit and the two lines of buckles on it. His cliche results from people who bring him wealth and the dirty money he gets. Kenny wants to control the Triad Society. But it seems that he hates Lee Huang . At last, he becomes a traitor to the Triad.

        Strategy guide:
        △: grab traffic tools and get on and off the car
        ○:apply weapons.
        Press ○ to wave fists without arms; press ○+× is flying side kick.
        □:roll and evade
        Analogue stick: move
        R: lock
        L: You can press L to cast with castable weapon in your hand, and then press ○ for casting path.
        SELECT: change weapon
        START: open the menu
        Bus state:
        △: get off the car
        □:reverse your car
        Analogue stick: to control direction
        SELECT: change weapon
        START: open the menu
        R: brake
        →: change visual perspective
        ←:change vehicle station
        1. My uncle is different to Ling's death. But this accident provokes me. So I start a revenge action under the instigation of my uncle.
        2. You will come across a car accident while you driving your car to your enemy's stronghold. You had better kill the wanted if you run into police officers and then go to finish next task.
        3. Press □ to chase a slacker until the fire fighting. After killing some of his companion, their BOSS will try to drive the car to run away. So you should catch up with him and kill him by lulling him out of the car. You can also just knock into his car and let it explode. Actually, the easiest way is to fire at him and kill him before he gets onto the car.
        (THE WHEELMAN)
        1. You will see your uncle again. This time you have to get three cars by whatever means before 7 o'clock and give it to Chen, the son of BOSS Xin.
        2. The location of the car is specific, you need to unlock the nearer cars before driving them away. You can finish this task according to the relative operation instruction. The third car stops in the gas station. But you should be careful not to knock into the gas buckets and get yourself blown away.
        3. You need to drive these three cars to the specific place. Note there is a time limit.
        1. This time we get a profitable business from my uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee- a drug deal.
        2. You should back to your own house and open five packs of hallucination drugs sent to you by Wu "Kenny" Lee. Next try to find the drug dealer according to the relative tips. You can close the monitor after finishing the task.
        3. You will receive an E-mail from a man called Daniel. Next you need to meet him at the designated place.
        4. You will find yourself circled by the police after the deal. So run to your living place.
        5. You will get a strange message after getting to home. In fact, this message is about a task given by your uncle. So finish this task first, which will not influence the continue of this game (the task form your uncle will be marked as K).
        1. Go back to your uncle's. This time is about fire threat.
        2. You can make Molotov cocktails after getting to the gas station according to the tips. First you should fill the bottle with gas and then put a towel on the top it (Don't let the gas spill as could as you can. You do not need to fill the bottle to full. Just press X to stop filling by pressing X. It is necessary to make more than one such kind of bottles).
        3. Target at two car stages and blow away them with the bottles at your hand.
        4. Next you can burn the targeted store with the same bottle. You can just drop the bottle out of your car and wait for the store to be burned. But you should note that there will be fire engines which come to put out the fire. So my suggestion is to take care of these fire engines first.
        Arms pack 1 - R UP B DOWN LEFT R B RIGHT
        Arms pack 1 - R UP B DOWN LEFT R A RIGHT
        Arms pack 3 - R UP Y DOWN LEFT R Y RIGHT
        Arms pack 4 - R UP X DOWN LEFT R X RIGHT
        Body armor - L L R B B A A R
        Health value - L L R A A B B R
        Upgrade of the wanted level - L L R Y Y X X R
        Downgrade of the wanted level - R X X Y Y R L L
        Sunny day - UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT A B L R
        Sunshine day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT B X L R
        Cloudy day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT X Y L R
        Rainy day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT Y A L R
        Storming day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT A X R L
        Hurricane day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT B Y R L
        Foggy day- UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT Y B R L

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