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    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is planned to be released on March, 2010 on PS3 and PC platforms. In this game, player will act as a villain called Niko. Besides, players can also enjoy themselves simply by stealing cars and shooting commoners to death.

        Strategy guide:
        Weapon group 1
        ↑, □, □,↓,←, □, □, →
        Brass finger guard, knife, burning bottle, 9mm, shotgun, TEC-9, AK, flamethrowers, sniper rifles
        Weapon group 2
        ↑, ○, ○, ↓, ←, ○, ○, →
        Japanese sword, remote grenades, revolver, sawn-off shotgun, UZI, M4, rocket launcher, sniper rifle laser sight
        Weapon group 2
        ↑, X, X, ↓, ←, X, X, →
        Chainsaw, grenades, revolver, combat shotgun, SMG, M4, Gatling guns, sniper rifles Laser Sight
        Obtain $250000
        L1, R1, △, L1, R1, ○, L1, R1
        L1, R1, ○, L1, R1, X, L1, R1
        Value of life
        L1, R1, X, L1, R1, □, L1, R1
        Drive the car on the water
        ○, X, ↓, ○, X, ↑, L1, L1
        Men will follow you
        ↓, ↓, ↓, △, △, ○, L1, R1
        Task 1: Clean and Serene
        The story stars from Alderney. What we called New Jersey now in reality. The main character of this game Johnny is a car racer. He is the second BOSS of the "Lost motorcycle club". He is always racing car with their friends. And their destination is The Lost club.
        They saw the real BOSS of this club Billy when they step into the club. Billy was just out of the prison. But he knows clearly that it is just a matter of time for him to go in there again. So in order to enjoy fully his "last time", he hopes that his followers can help him retrieve his motorcycle.
        So these men set out again to a motorcycle shop named shady as hell in Bohan district, that is The Bronx in reality. The pretty boy met them with a shining smile on his face because he knew that these were not good guys. Besides, he also said that he thought Billy was dead because he has not seen him for a long time. But he did not talk a word about Billy's motorcycle. So the followers of Billy rubbed the pretty boy's face on the spinning wheel of the motorcycle. In this way, the pretty boy had no choice but to told them the truth. The truth is that Billy's motorcycle was taken away by the Angel of Death. But he gave this answer too late. His face is no pretty at all now. Besides, these men gave this pretty boy a good beating before they left.
        And then he rushed to Algonquin (the Manhattan district in reality ). But somehow Johnny got a scatter gun in his hand. You know what to do with it. After killing the bastards from the Angel of Death, Billy can retrieve his motorcycle. Now go back to your own stronghold. This is the end of the task!
        Task 2: Angels in America
        Billy was flirting with a woman when Johnny walked into the club. Johnny's joke made Billy feel upset and angry. So he meant to have a fight with Johnny. But at this moment, Jason rushed in and told them somebody wanted an opponent to have a fight on the street. So angry Billy planed to take the challenge.
        At the doorstep, Billy recognized that these soldiers were from the Death Angel. They were saying something about truce treaty or like that. They were criticizing The Lost for making troubles. But Billy ignored what they were saying. He was just cursing them with his American accent and blaming them for disturbing him to enjoy the party. One the soldiers from the Death Angel called Billy as a old man and wen away. But as soon as he turned around, edgy Billy killed him with his gun. After seeing this, other soldiers just ran away. But Johnny thought that their BOSS will be informed about all of this if they let these guys go. So Billy and Johnny and their men caught up with these soldiers and killed them.
        Next is the motorcycle war. You can kill them one by one. So I will not say too much about this.
        At last, they met with the main troops. This is the end of the task. But Billy showed indifference to all of this by saying he was fear of nothing.
        Task 3: Its War!
        Billy is discussing something with his addictive lawyer in the club. But Johnny hates to see even the shadow of people who work in the law circle. So he asked the lawyer to leave.
        Billy may realize his tense relationship with Johnny recently. So he asked Johnny why he was so nervous. Besides, he also advised Johnny to be easy with a proverb, " Life is painful, buddy. But as long as our brotherhood is there, we can look down upon these pains by putting up the middle finger." At this moment, a message arrived. This message told them that something is wrong with their men. So Billy called on his troops and got started!
        Follow the troops to the southern part of the Alderney And then kill a batch of soldiers with your gun.
        Rush to another point, kill another batch of soldiers.
        At last, you will meet with the roops. But Billy told you a bad news that Jason was killed by a Russian man when Jason was flirting with a Russian woman in Brooklyn district.
        If you every play GTA4, and then you should remember that Niko takes a task from the Russian man named Mihai. This task is to kill the bastard who fools around with Mihai's daughter. And you are right. The bastard is Jason. The man who killed Jason is Niko.
        So many people was mourning for the death of Jason and talking about his past anecdotes. They said that they would avenge Jason. While Billy wanted to give a lesson to his subordinates that he was their BOSS and would be the only BOSS.

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