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Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

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Supported Platform:

  • XBOX 360
  • PC

      Grand Theft Auto V is released lately, which has been expected by many players for a very long time. So this game is not strange to many players. It is really interesting to play this game. Besides, the whole game quality is upgraded. Besides, players can enjoy many new functions added into this game. Generally speaking, this game has three advantages. The first one is the enhanced car. The mini car in this game is really exquisite. Besides, players can see there is mud all over it after the game. The good thing is that it is very easy to drive and control. The second advantage is the background music of this game. The background music of this game is different from that of the past versions. It is really innovative and exciting to enjoy during the game. The last advantage is its rich content. This game is more human. The story owned by each character and the stories commonly shared by them are really touching. There is much bitterness and violence and hardships. But there are more love and warmth and mutual help. So do not think this is just a violent game. Control every character well and take part into this adventuring journey now!