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    Grand Theft Auto V Game Review:

        GTA5 is the fifth work of this series, which is an adventuring game developed and published by Rockstar North. The story included in this game was happened in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.
        The most important thing is that this is the most rich and free world. Besides, Grand Theft Auto V tells story in a new way.
        Los Angeles: This is a metropolitan city bathed in the sunshine. This city is filled with masters who are capable of self-salvation and other celebrities and devastated famous persons. Western civilization can be seen everywhere in this city. People are struggling to survive here.
        In face of this financial storm, three criminals try to depict their own plan to survive and succeed. Franklin is a street fraud trying hard to find the real opportunity to make a fortune.
        Michael is a professional criminal who has many priors. He wishes to live a better a life after giving up his dirty business.
        Trevor is very aggressive. He watches our for every opportunity to make a fortune and fame in the future. But he is unlucky to be a robber.
        The official multiplayer mode of this game is called as "GTA OL". 16 players can take part into the OL mode at the same time. Some mechanisms and places included in the past series might appear in this game. This game will be released as of January 10, 2013. All the players who bought this game can get actual multiplayer video demonstration and relative information.

        GTAV basically included all the playing methods that appeared in the past versions. This is the biggest one in history. Players can choose freely among the three characters. The underwater ground is much more expansive. Every character has its own personality and background. At the same time, they have a lot in common.
        Players can apply the same character to carry out all of the missions if they prefer to. Sometimes, they need to change characters to perfect the mission implementation. But players cannot kill any character during this game.
        Dubbing: Ned Luke
        Full name: Michael De Santa/Michael Townley
        Nickname: Mike、Mikey、M、Mr. De Santa、Zolag
        Nationality: America
        Professions: bank robber, retiree
        Year of birth: 1964
        Current address: Rockford Hills
        Michael is the absolute main character in this game. He did a dirty business with FIB afterwards and became FIB's filthy witness. Michael often drinks alone in his own room because the conflict between he and his other family members. No one can understand his pain.
        The truth is that Michael wants to be a good father and loves his family. But the reality is always the opposite. His rebellious children always fail to understand him. So there are endless bickering between them. His daughter always says "I hate you!" So Michael has been gradually isolated in this family. Besides, he has an affair. It seems that the contradiction between them is not an ordinary one.
        Dubbing: Steven Ogg
        Full name: Trevor Philips
        Nickname: T、Trev、Boss、Jock、Tony、Uncle T、T-revor
        Nationality: Canada
        Occupation: former pilot, criminal
        Year of birth: 1964
        Current address: Blaine county
        Trevor was born in Canada. He grows un on the border of America. There is a scar in his belly, which is left when he was a soldier.
        Everybody knows him in the countryside because he is a real crazy person. Maybe he likes to cry like a wold during the full moon night.
        He is very easy to be angry. He will attack other people with punches and kicks if he is offended a little bit. Trevor's room is a real mess. You can see that he is a technical geek. Although he is aggressive, he is very kind to his friends.
        Dubbing: Shawn Fonteno
        Nicknames: Frank、F
        Nationality: America
        Occupations: car stealer, debt chaser
        Year of birth: 1988
        He was born in the southern part of Los Santos. But he did not accept any education. Afterwards, he planned to take part into the gang. But this gang refused him. So Franklin wanted to kick their asses. At last, he met Michael.
        During the mission, you can change characters. For example, you can apply Trevor to drive the airplane for runaway, let Franklin shoot at the pilot behind you and let Michael attack them with the sub-machine gun.
        These characters have their own things to do when they are not under your control. Michael can walk around at home and interact with his family. Each character comes from the different part of LS. But you can control any character from the very beginning to travel through the whole city.

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