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    Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is an ACT game. This is the first time hero Green Lantern appears in game platform. Manhunters is a kind created by the space protector. But they deviate from their task of protecting the space. In this game, the dead manhunters resurrect and seek for their revenge.
        Green fighting team is composed of many super heroes who are responsible for security and patrol. Each of team member is called as green hero. And each of them is equipped with a magic ring. Green Lanterns determine the shape and intensity of power applied by them depending on their imagination and willpower. That is to say, they can apply the energy stored in the ring on apply the energy stored in the ring on their free will to realize different objectives.
        Good game is may not fit for you. But what fits for you is definitely interesting!

        Strategy guide:
        Every Green Lantern is equipped with a Power Ring and a Power Lantern for recharge. As long as users have enough willpower and energy, they can change the energy stored in the ring into concrete things in the real world by taking advantage of their imagination.
        When the ring is out of energy. Players can put the ring into the lantern for recharge. Energy ring is very dangerous and it is one of the powerful weapons in the universe. The first generation Green Lantern is Alan Scott from the Golden Age. The energy of his ring comes from magic. Green Lanterns after him are chosen by Guardians of the Universe. “Guardians ” are the earliest intelligent creatures in the universe. They give the energy ring to the proper successor and named the successor as the Green Lantern. Their main purpose is to guard the headquarter Oa planet. The energy of lantern is linked with the giant battery above it. The universe is divided into 3600 sections. The earth belongs to the 2814th section. they are collectively known as Green Lantern Corps with more than 7200 team members. They are the Guardians of the Universe.
        At the beginning of this game, Jordan creates long swords and fists with his own willpower. Players can press X/Y to go on heavy attack. Besides, they can combine these two kinds of attacking methods to create different kinds of continuous attack. Of course, with the development of the storyline and the upgrade of the level, Jordan will create more weapons like meteor hammer, chain guns, mines, etc.
        During the game process, players can get energy ring once they kill any enemy. They can use the collected energy to upgrade/unlock the skills owned by the main character. With the upgrade of the game character, players can apply many other skills unlocked automatically. Of course, higher skill needs more energy.
        With the upgrade of the energy ring, the main character can create all kinds of surprising weapons.
        With the development of the storyline, the main character can also use powerful weapons like Chain gun, meteor hammer to attack enemy.
        The charming point is that Power Lantern will also appear in this game. To be simple, you can use this lantern to recharge energy for fighters. The green energy objects will be consumed when players apply ring to call upon long swords and sledges to attack enemy. Players can use crystal balls to recharge energy. Besides, they can also use rare energy lantern to refill blood and energy for once.
        There is also special skills except for the above-mentioned ordinary attack and continuous attack. You can apply this special skill to attack your enemy when the semicircular energy bar on the left upper corner shines. At the same time, you can kill your enemy immediately by pressing LB and RB. But it is hard for you to collect enough energy to release the special skill. So my suggestion is to use this special skill at critical moment.
        Different from other similar ACT games, players can also shooting things in this game. In this part, the operation method is also very simple. Players can only use the left analogue stick to move characters and then press X or RT to attack enemies. What needs to be pointed out is that although the flying shooting is not difficult but the enemy is more powerful in the sky than it is on the ground. So once you get attacked by your enemy for several times, you will be dead.

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