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    Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Game Review:

        Grim Tales: The Stone Queen is an AVG developed by Big Fish Games. This is the fourth of its serious.
        This game tells a story that Brand come across the mysterious stone queen in a deserted village town. The queen used to guard the mineral workers in the mountain, but now she is dedicated to take her vengeance!
        So what you need to od is to find out the truth story behind this vengeance and rescue your niece and this small town called Stoneville.

        You will have the option of some interactive help;
        Look at the note and the 9 bronze button;
        Look inside the car,take the screwdriver and the 1st coin;
        Look at the sign and use the screwdriver to remove the screws;
        Look at the brochure and take the drill bit;
        Use the mine key to in the lock;
        Select the open cabinet for a HOS;
        Locate all the items on the list;
        Use the corkscrew on the bottle to find the cock;
        Place the shard in the crack to repair the cup;
        You will earn the pincers.
        Look at the gate and use the pincers on the chain;
        Make note of the stone girl;
        Walk forward through the gate to the square;
        Look in the bag, take the first statue head piece and the first battery;
        Open the journal and take the second coin;
        Look at the gas pump, remove the sign and take the oil can;
        Walk down to return to the entrance;
        Look at the girl's hand, use the oil can, then take the stone flower;
        Walk through the gate;
        Look at the guard and place the stone flower in the chest;
        Take the stone lizard from the hatch;
        Look at the drilling machine and place the stone lizard in the indentation;
        Take the third coin.
        Look at the stall and pace the three coins in the slot;
        Select pairs of trinkets to remove them from the pile;
        Take the coat of arms;
        Exit the stall and walk down;
        Look at the sign and place the coat arms on the emblem;
        Take the stone frog;
        Walk forward and look at the drilling machine;
        Place the stone frog into the indentation;
        Place the 4 stars into the grid so the beams reach all the open squares;
        Try to walk forward;
        Zoom into the crystals and remove the broken bit from the rock drill;
        Place the drill bit in the rock drill;
        Take the drill and it will drill a path through the crystal;
        Walk forward to the front of the hospital.
        Look at the window, take the monocle and the 1/3 emerald;
        Look at the door, place the monocle on the lower left monkey head, then take the toy monkey head;
        Walk down to the square;
        Look at the stall and place the spider in the indentation for a mini-game;
        Move the spider so it travels on all the strands of the web without repeating any;
        Select an adjacent point to move the spider there, previously visited strands will light up;
        Select the points in this order: L, R, Q, L, M, S, Q, P, S, O, M, N, O, P;
        Select the hatch for a HOS.
        Locate all the items on the list;
        Use the key to unlock the handcuffs;
        Use the sharpener on the pencil to make the sharpened pencil;
        Open the case to find the glasses;
        Place the wing on the body to complete the plane;
        You will earn the earring;
        Walk forward;
        Look at the door and place the erring on the lower right monkey head;
        Take the 6 bronze button;
        Look at the drain: places the 6 and 9 bronze buttons on the keypad for a mini-game;
        Press the buttons in the correct order, based on the carvings;
        Press the buttons on the key pad in this order: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 2, 6, 8, 4.
        If you press the wrong button , press the reset and start over;
        Take the fang;
        Look at the door and place the fang on the upper monkey head;
        Walk left to enter the hospital hall.

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