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    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth part of the Harry Potter written by famous English writer. This game is adapted from this novel.¬†¬†This game is very interesting because of its playability. The vice president of the EA Casual Studios, Robert Nashak days that we have created a different game experience for the Harry Potter fans around the world. When they are flying and fighting against enemies with the extending of the story. They must feel that this is a kind of pleasure. This game will adopt new Wii and include all the strong points of other game platforms.
        The entertainment organizations subordinate to EA will have interaction with Warner Bros.. After releasing the plan of producing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. English EA Bright Light office principal Harvey Eliot says that this adapted game will be a cornerstone for Harry Potter. Before, we have accumulated a lot of experience and skills. The development team and the film producer cooperate well. They will reshow the wonderful content of the film and the exciting scenes, which will make players feel that the charming of this game is endless.
        "Cooperate with the EA, we hope to bring fans to a wonderful Harry Potter game, completely reproduce the exciting storyline as well as high-quality visual effects of the original film." vice president of representation of the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Business Scott Johnson said this. "Faithful to the novel's rich story is the most prominent feature of this series of games. Harry fans will find that this is by far the most realistic entire series and most fun game. "
        Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie just a few days on the file, the game part of the already listed more than two weeks. For the content of the story, I don't want to say too much. This game is full of the taste of love, you can appreciate. Today, the main purpose today is to show you some game pictures. And I also want to introduce to you a few societies in the school (actually some small game). In addition, I also want to explain briefly referring to how to collect 150 badges.
        What most impresses me is Hogwarts' hardware construction and geological environment. The halls will make you feel so lively full of maze sensation. But it is really similar to the scenes contained in this film.

       Game Strategies:
       There is a shortcut for you to go around between different big regions because the whole game view is too complex, which will takes you too much time. At the same time, if you are required to go where, you can just press the Backspace key. In this way, you can call upon the ghost Nick. He will be loyal to you and take you to go wherever you want.
        In addition to gradually unravel this mystery by following the story, the players in the game can also join a club and play some small games that unrelated with the main storyline of the game. For example, spell duel agency, Potions Club, flying club, etc. Every society has a number of objectives, allowing the player to complete step by step. Because the school is really great, so it takes time to go around between these societies. So the game also designed an approach that allows players to go into the society directly. That is, player can go directly into the society from the outside main menu, which will help players to save a lot of time.
        You need spell in the duel society. Actually you will come across this kind of situation in the story mode. There will appear a bunch of little villains who want to have a fight with you. Thus you can take it as a kind of practice. The basic magic attack named "Stupefy."
        Expelliarmus can defeat your enemy by releasing a mass of blue electromagnetic. You can attack your enemy for several times by taking good opportunities.
        Levicorpus, from literal meaning, this means that you can hang up your enemy upside down and then you can torture it in whatever way you prefer to.
        Protego will protect your front side.
        According to my fighting experience, Protego and the simple dodge are actually not very powerful. You would rather to attack your enemy in order to protect yourself from getting hurt. You can move to the left side or the right side during the attacking process. You also can apply magic arts such as Levicorpus and Expelliarmus. Next you can attack you enemy in a violent way, which is the best way to defeat your enemy.

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