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    Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream Game Review:

        Many weird things happened in this hotel where time can travel. So a young FBI and a senior detective who traveled from a different time space began to investigate these things, and finally defeat the bad guy.
        The point expressed by this game is that each of us treasures a longly dream. With this longly dream in heart, we are drudging along the road of life. The implication of this game is good. So I recommend this game to you. If you are a high school student, you can try it during your holiday.
        In this game, players will explore a hotel haunted by evil spirits and experience the supernatural things. Besides, they need to collect all the items on the list and unlock those riddles. You can find these items in the rooms in this hotel. At last, you can uncover the truth and the secret of the ghost!

        General Tips
        You can change players by clicking on your username in the bottom corner of the screen.
        From the Players Screen you can delete, rename, or create profiles.
        From the Main Menu you can adjust sound volume, screen mode, and watch the credits.
        When you start the game you must choose between Casual and Advanced Mode.
        Casual Mode has more, and faster recharging, hints; Advanced Mode gives you less help.
        There is also a short tutorial at the beginning of the game that you may skip.
        In the game, there is a journal highlighted in red in the bottom left corner of the screen.
        This keeps all of the storyline information collected for you.
        There are three types of cursors used in the game.
        The Eye Cursor, in green, shows you that there is something of interest in an area.
        The Hand Cursor, in blue, shows you that an item can be picked up.
        And the Gears Cursor, in yellow, shows you that you can use an item at that spot.
        If you are stuck, you can click on the Tasks Button to see what you are supposed to do next.
        If you are still stuck, you can click the Hint Button to get more specific information.
        The Hint Button also lets you skip puzzles and helps you find hidden objects, one at a time.
        Level 1
        Collect the SNOW in the bottom right corner.
        Click the SNOWBALL in the inventory and drag it to the camera in the upper left corner.
        Click on the wooden box and it will be moved to the right.
        Collect the SCREWDRIVER.
        Collect the LADDER and click it on the window.
        Use the SCREWDRIVER from the inventory to open the window .
        Click the window to go to the next scene.
        Use the SCREWDRIVER to open the ventilation cover.
        Collect the STOOL, KETTLE, WIRE and PLIERS.
        Turn on the fan circled.
        Click on the hotspot highlighted in the left of the screen.
        Find 12 hidden objects listed at the bottom of the screen, in any order.
        The hidden objects are randomized and may be different in your playthrough.
        You will receive the KEY after finishing the scene.
        Click on the small box in the middle.
        Use the KEY from the inventory to open the small box.
        Collect the BATTERIES in the box.
        Go inside the ventilation shaft.
        Level 2
        Collect the KEY circled on the table.
        Click on the fireplace to zoom in and collect the LIGHTER and CAMERA circled
        Open the inventory. Click the BATTERIES and combine them with the
        Check the printer on the table. You will need to use it later.
        Click on the couch hotspot to enter another hidden object scene.
        Find 12 hidden objects listed at the bottom of the screen, in any order.
        The hidden objects are randomized and may be different in your playthrough.
        You will receive the POWDER COMPACT.
        Click on the bottom of the screen to move back to the storeroom.
        Use the KEY in the inventory to open the door.
        Move through the door to the hallway.
        Place the STOOL under the surveillance camera in the upper right corner.
        Take the picture with the CAMERA in the inventory from the surveillance camera angle.
        Enter the den from the door on the right. You won't need to use the ventilation shaft anymore.
        Place the CAMERA WITH PHOTO from the inventory to the printer on the table to print.
        Take the PHOTO.
        Return to the hallway by clicking the bottom of the screen.
        Set the WIRE from the inventory onto the surveillance camera.
        Place the PHOTO from the inventory on to the WIRE.
        Enter the winter room.
        Click on the table and collect the GAS HANDLE and the CLAMP .
        Return to the back yard through the right side of the storeroom.
        Click the KETTLE in the inventory and drag it to the SNOW on the right side of the screen, on top of the red box.
        Go back to the storeroom through the window.

        Return to the Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream Game.