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Helix jumping Ball: tower
Helix jumping Ball: tower
Helix jumping Ball: tower

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System Requirements:
      Helix Ball Jump with crazy ball jumping and very addictive gameplay. Tap tap to jump ball and complete helix maze. Rolling and jumping through spiral tower platforms and collect special points to unlock different balls! Helix Ball Jump is a unique game. its bouncing ball type with new idea of paint blocks and paint tower. A hand-eye combination is important to control the ball is beautifully falling down and full of sparks on the beautiful and colorful tower with spiral ring around it. Think fast, drop and roll fast into the color down road, an exciting adventure bouncing ball through the jump helix tower road. Now, letís play and enjoy this bounce game. The game is so much fun, but when you are falling a long did and touch the red, sometimes it says you didn't and just breaks, but sometimes it counts it. Another problem is, if you are moving the ball platform, it might move the platform back to the way you had it before, not letting the ball through.
  • nice graphics
  • free to play
  • funny