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    Hello Kitty Picnic Game Review:

        Game information:
        Are you a real Kitty? Now, it is time for you to decorate the picnic plate! Design and create a beautiful Kitty plate. Finish your Kitty collection!

        Game Object:
        Docorate the Hello Kitty's plate much more beautiful.
        Kitty and her friends welcome you to this interesting and wonderful Hello Kitty world. This is a wholly new massive online game. The main character of this game is Hello Kitty. She is favored by most of the people.
        A lot of Kitty players enjoy this game in the online game world. Players can walk freely on the Kitty kingdom, XO alliance and Melody dreaming land. They can enjoy the beautiful scenary and buildings on the Puroland and Badtzcity. Players can take part in resolving puzzles, legends and adventuring experience. You can also have your own career in this huge game world. You ca create store, spend money, buy house or trade with other players.
        This game allow you to create your own house and lovel characters. Players can also have a pet and teach them special skills and tricks. You can communicate with other players about the puzzles that need to be removed. You can also take challenge from your friends.
        You can make new friends through the mind reading. Players can know more Hello Kitty fruends by using all kinds of communication channels and forums. They can share this touching Kitty world together and spread love around the world.
        You can build a special romantic house to invite your friends drinking tea.
        Players can buy building material and design their own house in Hello Kitty Online. But the already built house might not as good as the new one,with the passage of the time, the house will be gradually destroyed. If the house is ignored, this house might be completely destroyed. Thus it needs you to maintain it carefully. After building your own house, you can invite your friends have a romantic meeting in the in-game telephone call. As long as your friend accept your invitation, the system will send the friend to yor house immediately (the spped is faster than that of the plane).
        Varified artificial system
        In the Hello Kitty Online, there are different kinds of handmade artificial production system. For example, you can create weapons, build furniture, and cook. You can also be a farmer, carpenter, metalworker, miner, and the tailor, etc. If you have your own farming land in the Hello Kitty Online (you can open an additional storage room), thus you have to sow, watch out not to miss the harvest season and insec intrusion. In this way, you can enjoy this game because of its varieties.
        The character in this game called NPC. You will be given different kinds of tasks. You can carry out relative trade activities. There will be guide for you. Next you can make friends.
        First. Let us heck out the menue. You can press theleft software or right software acording to the different type, and then game menue will pop out in front of you.

        1. How to use the card: In the menu, select namecard (shortcut key # and 8), you can view your own business cards. Select "Edit Profile", you can right age, date of birth, contact details, personal introduction of these four options for editing. Recognition system displays "Success edit contact cards", said the operation was successful.
        2. In the "blog", you can view the "my blog", "player blog", "Latest blog", "writing articles", "blog settings."
        In the menu, select blog, or shortcut keys # and 7, into writing articles, you can create a new blog up.
        Blog must contain the title and content two parts. And then press OK, the blog title will be displayed on the screen.
        If the interface on the blog is not satisfied with you, you can enter the blog and set your own blog style and change the pattern of the project includes the left and right pattern and background color.
        There are many choices in terms of the background color.
        If you want to reply to a blog, just press Enter and type into the content, and press Enter again.
        You can press the Enter again when you check out the reply.
        If there are too many files, you can delete some of them.
        In the "team", you can select "join the team", "invited into the team."
        In the "social circle", you can view the "players card", "Player Photo", "nearby player", "friends", "partner". You can"sale", "chat." Players can buy and sell items and communicate with other players.
        Through social business cards, you can also view other player's cards.
        In the blog menu, you can select the latest blog. You can also select the player blog and directly enter the name, press OK. These two approaches can help you view other player's blog.
        In the "ranking", you can view the "Ranking", "wealth ranking", "prestige ranking", "most popular boy", "popular girls", "month ranking tournament", " this year's competition ranking" . In the "System", you can view the "information", "update" information. "Set" game status, see "How to play", "quit the game."
        The above is a basic introduction to the HelloKitty online games. Come and join us now.
        Note: the attacking key is Z for some version. So you should try and figure it out by yourself.

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