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    Hitman: Absolution Game Review:

        This is the first game whose background is set in America. The Chicago bareheaded man is the target of this task.
        The main character of this game is a cold-blooded killer numbered 47. After being betrayed by the one he trusts most, he finds himself in a big and dark trap.

        Strategy guide:
        F1: press it and you will know
        W、S、A、D:up, down, left and right
        Right mouse button: aiming
        Left mouse button: shooting
        Q: attack the target
        E: open the door, hide the body, start the trap and so on. Push the target down the building
        F: take objects and weapon
        T: change clothes (you can change clothes for the body in the box)
        X: human shield (you need to take out your gun first and then close to your enemy from behind)
        B: drag the body
        V: change between left and right visual perspectives
        Ctrl: observe your enemy's location
        Ctrl+Q:fast shooting mode
        The first pass: personal contract. This pass is easy to break through. You need to find two things. The first one is the ax. The ax is on a tree to the north of the box. Another object is the hammer which is in the garden with a statue in it. The hammer is on the wall of this garden. You can find the hammer as long as you are careful enough.
        The second pass: the king of the Chinatown. You need to find two objects in this pass. The first one is the knife. It is a little bit difficult to find this knife. You need to open the gate to the Chinatown. After stepping into this gate, you will see two standpoints. Walk along the standpoints and turn left, you will find a knife in the alley. Another object is the suit. You have to cause alarm first and then explode the car. At last, explode the drug dealer out of the window. The police will arrive at the crime scene after a while. Sometimes, they may not come. Actually, you can cause some skirmish. In this way, the police will come soon. Besides, if you can not finish some task, and then it should be the BUG to blame. So restart the task. Or download a patch.
        How to get into the elevator
        Characteristics: the route is very complicated. There are many people. You should be both bold and careful.
        Main articles: Remote-controlled bomb, tape recorders, film.
        Main characters: the broadcaster in red. You need to attract him to a faraway place first. Next play a movie for him to win more time for you to get into the elevator.
        Way to attack accidentally
        For example
        You can release the gas in the gas station, and then shoot the gas to explode away your target. See the chain in the air with a heavy object hanging at the bottom of it? Just shoot the chain and let the heavy object drop down to kill your target.
        Connect the electricity generator to the object that lose to the target, and then you can kill your enemy by turning on the switch when your target is in the bathroom or washroom.
        The platinum strategy of this game. Today, I already broke through five passes. So I wrote this strategy. And I hope this will be helpful to you. At the same time, I hope it will be easy for you to finish your tasks.
        My suggestion is to use the default keys. You can apply R2 to shoot. Besides, you should study the tutorial carefully about precise shooting. It will be helpful to you.
        The third pass: clock hotel. It is a little bit difficulty to break through this pass. There is no object for you to obtain in this pass. But you need to retrieve two things. The first one is the revolver in the alley at the left side of the hotel. You can get another two objects in the isolated zoon of the seventh floor.
        The trophies (obtain by breaking through passes)
        Heavy Burden
        Assassinate Diana Burnwood
        Diana Burnwood
        Assassinate the King of Chinatown
        the King of Chinatown
        Locate room 899
        Enter the train in the train station
        Assassinate Wade's men
        Wade's men
        All Bark and no Bite
        Assassinate Wade
        The Bartender Always Knows
        Approach the bartender
        Signature Weapons
        Acquire the Silverballers
        Like Stealing Candy From a Baby
        Pacify Lenny the Limp
        Not Worth It
        Leave Lenny in the desert
        Step Into the Light
        Exit the mines
        A Heavy Blow
        Assassinate facility leaders
        The Killing Fields
        Eliminate the Saints
        Gain access to the jail
        Hour of Reckoning
        Approach the church
        True Form
        Acquire suit & gloves
        Destroying Something Beautiful
        Assassinate Layla
        The Final Countdown
        Assassinate Blake Dexter
        Blake Dexter
        A Personal Contract
        Assassinate Travis
        Complete Hitman: Absolution™ on any professional difficulty
        Jack of All Trades
        Collect all play styles
        It's All in the Wrist
        Achieve a lethal throw kill
        Information is Power
        Collect all evidence
        Thumbs Up
        Like a contract
        Damage Control
        Contain a situation gone bad
        Set for Life
        Earn 1 million contract dollars
        Buy an upgrade
        First Contract
        Complete the Create Contract Tutorial
        First Contract
        Complete the Create Contract Tutorial
        Blood Money
        Complete the Play Contract Tutorial
        True Potential
        Unlock a technique
        Partners in Crime
        Play a contract created by a friend
        Competitive Spirit
        Create a contract competition

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