Hop Ball 3D
Hop Ball 3D
Hop Ball 3D

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System Requirements:
      This is a wonderful music game. It is better for you to put on your headphones before trying it. You will find a lot of joy in this amazing music world. There are a lot of amazing popular songs. All these songs are totally for Free here. But in other similar music apps, you might need to pay for the songs first before enjoying them. So it is really amazing to explore this new world while listening to your favorite songs. There are numerous songs here. And you will eventually find your own favorite ones. And the music styles are also different.
      As for the skill, it is very easy for you to play this game. Even if you have no experience in playing such kind of music games, you will successfully find your own speed and your own trick very soon. You just need to hold and drag the ball to let it move and control its moving direction. Just keep concentrating all the time and reacting really fast. You cannot be disturbed or distracted by anything while you're playing this game, or you will fail to let the ball fall right onto the middle part of the block, which means the end of the game. But if you would like to, you can watch a short video to revive. And there is another choice for you, which is to buy some diamonds. These diamonds can be used for reviving each time you made a mistake. But of course, if your performance is good enough, you can get all these diamonds as rewards all by yourself without purchasing them. In this way, there is no need for you to pay real money to get these diamonds. So it is really important for you to collect all the diamonds floating above the blocks while you are controlling the ball flying over the sky.
      I know that you may have tried a lot of similar music games. But believe me, this game is totally fascinating. It has many different and distinctive features compared with other similar music games, for example, the shape of the blocks are different from from song to song. And some blocks are even keep moving back and forth. So it might be more challenging for you to get all the three stars at the end of the game. And all the features in this game are more creative, which means you will have a better gaming experience. Sometimes you feel like that you're in a jungle, and sometimes the whole background is located in desert or in the city, or in wilderness or in the dark sky. Everything is out of your expectation and exciting.
      So it is time for you to put on your headphones and immerse yourself into this wonderful music world. Nothing else would matter now. Let all your senses follow the ball and fly freely. You will feel fully relaxed. And I believe you will be really good at this. And you can win all the three stars and you can win numerous diamonds to buy a lot more wonderful songs included in this APP.
      At last, if you feel too much tense while you are controlling the ball because the fast speed takes so much of your attention that you cannot enjoy any music, you can just start from the auto mode, which will be simpler and easier for you to handle. And after you practice for some time, you will find things will be more interesting and easier. And then you can try something harder and more challenging. So wish you luck and have a really good time in this sweet music world!