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    Hunting Unlimited 2011 Game Review:

        Hunting Unlimited 2011 is a game about hunting. The main purpose of this game is to lead players to feel hunting. In this game, you will travel to America, Canada and Zambia with exotic atmosphere and search for things to hunt. A lot of hunting weapons and equipment are available to players in this game. Besides, they are also provided with the powerful editor. During this game, players can choose to apply the first or third-person perspective. Maybe you have no chance in reality to go on a hunting in reality. So try to find that kind of hunting excitement in this virtual world.

        W: forward
        S: backward
        A: left
        D: right
        Left MS: fire weapon
        Tab: scope mode
        Shift: toggle run
        Right MS: Aim-Breath
        R: reload
        1: attract
        Add: keyboard zoom
        Minus: keyboard zoom out
        After entering into this game, you will see a map first of all. The green spots represent safe zones for hunting. The red spots are dangerous zones. Those with a lock on them are unlocked zones, which means you need to finish the tasks in the safe zone to unlock these zones before you trying to hunt animals in these zones.
        So select the green zone and finish levels one by one. But select a weapon for yourself before starting this game. There are bows and guns for you. You had better choose a gun because it will not be convenient for you to control the bows with a short range. You will miss the target every time when you have confidence in yourself to get it. Now, you can start the game.
        During this game, you need to win scores to unlock the map and weapon. So try to obtain as many scores as you could. But it depends on your own to win more scores. Here is an example, you can get the full score by applying the scatter gun to deal with the deer. But this will also waste your bullets. So if you are an excellent shooter, try not to use the scatter gun.
        By taking into account the good evaluation and bonuses, many players choose to explode the deer's head. But this way cannot help you get more scores. You will get only two points under this kind of circumstances. But there is another way for you to win higher score, that is, to shoot the deer's neck. But it depends on players. Different player will prefer to different methods.
        The scatter gun is recommended to new players because it can improve the hit chance or players who are fond of sniper rifle. But it is really challenging to deal with the wolf or the bear because they are moving fast. Besides, their life value is very high. So it will not be easy for you to kill them.
        The bow is recommended to the excellent bow lovers. But if you are not, do not apply the bow at first. There is a long distance between you and the deer in the woods, so it will be easy for you to miss it. Besides, you need to hit ten times to kill the bear or the wolf. Apparently, this is a time consuming way. Besides, you are not one hundred percent sure that you can successfully hit them every time, right´╝č

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