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    Insaniquarium! Deluxe Game Review:

        Insaniquarium is developed by PopCap Games. In this game, players need to feed the fishes, attack the monsters, upgrade their weapons, and explore 20 new levels and four new pools in order to unravel the secret of those pets!
        As a new player, you can start with the adventuring mode in order to get the pets first and activate the pool. Next you can try the time trial. At last, you can show yourself in the challenge mode once you become an expert!

        The little blue monster worths 15000 shells, living on fishes and can produce circular shells. Besides, it can grow up. The small blue monster will become a big blue monster eventually. The big blue monster only eats big fish. It can produce shell bag.
        Every time when people talk about Shrapnel, they will usually ask that what kind of market supply and demand chain that make the price of this kind of bomb reach to 150 U.S. Dollars? The president of the federal committee answered that this is a response to the low exchange rate speculation today. In the meantime, it will be helpful in weakening the dollar.
        Shrapnel can cast bombs. All of the fished will be exploded away once they run into the bomb. The secret is that you can get a lot of cash by clicking the bomb.
        The critics say that Gumbo is "a wolf in sheep's clothing" because it can guide all the Cuppy to hide in a corner. In this way, his monstrous partner can kill all of the Cuppy. In response, Gumbo said that how one can be a member of the monsters with too much kindness and mercy.
        The fish lamp on the head of Gumbo can lead those Cuppy to avoid the threats from other monsters.
        Blip has been perplexed for many years by its own instinct. So other fishes avoid it. One day, it felt that something was wrong in the water. But it dare not to tell other fishes because they are very harsh and mean to it. But it did feel guilty that when other fished are eaten up by the monster. Form then on, it swears that it will make the most use of its special ability to do good things.
        Blip can learn the hungry state and fighting information of other fishes by instinct.
        Rhubarb has always been thought as the most unfriendly pet; however, Rhubarb never cares about these judgments toward it. It never explained to any fish. It just hopes that they can get out of its place!
        Rhubarb catches other fishes with claws and throws them out of the under part of the fishing tank.
        Some players might want to know the record of Nimbus. It is 1724. Usually players will encourage it, "come on, 1724!"
        Nimbus can get the money and the fishing food that are falling down.
        It has been rumored for years that Amp can turn the water into diamonds. Critics attribute the failure to human beings' greedy. Amp made no comment about this.
        Amp can electrocute all of the Cuppy into death and then turn them into diamonds.
        Gash was Itchy's best friend until an attack from some monster and Itchy just ran away without the dying Gash. After so many years, Gash is still swimming leisurely in the fishing tank and try to kill all of those monsters. Maybe some day, it will have its best friend Itchy back.
        Gash will eat up a Cuppy once a while when it is fighting against the monster (it must to, otherwise it will stop its work and fall into asleep).
        After finishing tank 5-1, you will get some congratulation words. Some of them might be different. As follows:
        Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game
        When you have only 1-7 pets:
        Also, you saved a fair number of pets yourself. Good job!
        Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game
        8-12 pets left:
        Hmmm... actually it looks like not that many pets died.
        Great work!! Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game
        13-14 pets left:
        Whoa, hold on... Only (23) pets died! That's Incredible!!
        Good shooting, there! Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game.
        Day13 - Exotic Food
        Day14 - Voracious
        Day15 - Exotic Food
        Day16 - Musical Genius
        Day17 - Exotic Food
        Day18 - 0 to 60 Speedy
        Day19 - Exotic Food
        Day20 - Invisible
        It is not clear when Named and Extremely Rare fishes might appear, but many players know that on which day they can buy Extremely Rare fish.

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