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    International Super Karts Game Review:

        Among mini games, players need to drive their super karts and compete with other players. It is apparent that this game cannot compare with the F1 no matter in terms of the speed or the experience, but is is convenient for players to control the karts. It has not too much higher requirement for the racing field or expert skills. Thus this game is still very popular among foreign players.
        Racing across the tarmac only inches above the road, International Super Karts gives an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Using every ounce of your driving skill is a must in these high-speed, lightweight vehicles. Take part in a variety of championships, exhibition races and time trials to earn extra vehicles and claim the Karting crown.
        Customize the karts look and feel, motion captured drivers, and realistic crashes and spins. Features practice, race in championship, and single race modes.

        1. This is a trial version. But there are five racing tracks with six difficulty degrees. This game supports four players to compete with each other at the same time.
        2. The system will allocate a kart for you automatically at the beginning of this game. But if you are not confident enough about your driving skill, it is suggested to select the practice mode first. This can help you get familiar with the racing track and the Kart first, which can help you control the game later.
        3. You can take part in the champion mode once you perform well in the practice mode. Your kart can be upgraded if you run enough and rank the top at the end of this game.
        4. In the single player mode, you can take challenge from other players. There is a time limit for you. So you need to cover the length during the limited period of time. Try to avoid other racing karts or the road blocks. Or your kart will be damaged. More seriously, you kart will be overturned. If it does, you can press R to repair your kart. After several seconds, you can continue to run forward.
        5. When it reaches to a turning, you should slow down first, and then lightly press the direction arrow to turn. Do not turn blindly, or your car will be overturned.
        6. The kart in this game is with four wheels. So generally speaking, it is not likely to be overturned easily. But there are a lot of road blocks in this game, including stones, trees, rails and light poles. So once you run into them at a fast speed, the result will be anything but being optimistic. That is to say, you need to start the game all over again.
        7. But you will be rewarded with relative amount of scores once you jump through the road blocks successfully by pressing the space button. Under some modes, the racing tracks are fixed with relative numbers. So do not trespass on other players' racing track.
        3 game modes (practice, race in championship, and single race).
        Customize your kart.
        Unlimited gameplay.

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