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    Iron Man 2 Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Iron Man 2 will let players feel the real power of the Iron Man. There are new destruction scenes in this game. Besides, there are new enemy, new characters and new actions. Players will see the characters included in the original animated film. The most exciting is that in this game players can act as the rich man/scientific genius Tony Starks and fly high into the sky to fight against the enemy. The Iron Man released last year in not attractive enough. This Iron Man 2 is an upgraded version and the latest version. I tried to break through several passes. Here is my strategy guide.

        Strategy guide:
        Introduction to the menu
        1. NEW GAME
        Start new game
        Sub-menu 1. ESAY 2. NORMAL 3. HARD
        2. LOAD GAME
        Continue previous game
        Sub-menu 1. MISSIONS (specific explanation) 2. UPGRADES (upgrade weapons and functions) 3. SAVE GAME 4. OPTIONS 5. BONUS
        3. OPTIONS
        4. CREDITS
        The content is about characters
        5. QUIT
        Introduction to basic keys:
        Forward, backward, leftward, rightward: W、S、A、D
        『MISSION the first pass』
        Attack: the right mouse button
        Spew fire: the left mouse key
        『MISSION the second pass』
        Fly: Space
        Landing: press X. You can destroy things by landing from a high place
        Flying is a fast speed: press Alt+ any direction key (or ignore the direction key)
        Flying faster than light: get PROPULSION and fly
        Flying to avoid: press Shift+ any direction key when you flying in the air (or ignore the direction key)
        Enhanced attack: the right mouse button, which is much more powerful compared with the first pass
        PROPULSION: press 1 (non-small keyboard) to increase your agility during a limited period of time
        ARMOR: press 2 (non-small keyboard) to enhance defence ability
        WEAPON: press 3 (non-small keyboard) to accumulate energy to attack your enemy violently
        EVEN: press 4 (non-small keyboard) to fire out light with both hands. This kind of attack is very powerful compared with "propulsion"
        Visual Database Tool: At the later stage of this game, there will be a hand on the screen when you need it. Press F on the keyboard after the hand is colored completely to kill your enemy or get into next stage.

        The first pass: ESCAPE
        Main Objective: Escape from captivity
        Subordinate objective: Weapon Crates Destroyed
        Total Enemies Killed: you need to kill as many as enemies you can to improve your performance.
        Let us first talk about the first pass of this game. There is a story at the beginning of every pass. But you can press Enter to skip it. Another point is that if you do not have enough energy because of attack, and then the Iron Man's heart will appear on the screen. At the same time, you can press the direction keys under the heart on the screen to recover your energy. Remember you have only five chances for every pass. Once you miss them, you will see two words on the screen-MISSION FAIL......
        Next you walk to the gate by following the road sign. Press the right mouse button to break the gare. After that, follow the road sign and keep walking. There are a lot of soldier in your way. You can press the left mouse button to spew fir at them. Remember you can destroy all the object with a yellow sign for additional scores. You will see a lot more soldiers and a weapon box after you get out of the mountain cave. You can destroy this weapon box although there is no sign no it. This is also the main objective of this task. After the later part of this game, you should destroy all the weapon boxes as soon as you see them.
        Next you will get into another cave. After walking for a while, you will see a lot of soldiers under the cave. You can jump down to the ground and bring a great damage to the soldiers around you. Next you can keep going until the slope. Here, you hear of that Tony's friend Yinsen is killed by soldiers. At this moment, a batch of soldiers is rushing to you. You should kill them and watch out for the soldiers falling down although they are not strong enough.
        Here you will see another weapon box. What you need to do is to destroy it and keep walking. On your way, there are soldiers, destroyable objects and weapon boxes. You can just destroy all of them. After getting out of the cave, there are Rocketeers. You should kill these rocketeers too and then climb down the ladder, walk through the hanging bridge and step into the cave again. Be careful when you get to the slope because it will be hard for you to climb up once you fall down. Keep walking until you get to a crossroads. Select the left cave and you will meet a lot of soldiers. You need to keep an eye on each of them. Don't attack them but just destroy the weapon box. In this way, our Iron Man flies away and you successfully break through this pass.
        The second pass: FIRST FLIGHT
        Main Objective: Test the new Iron Man suit
        Total Enemies Killed: you need to kill as many as enemies you can to improve your performance.
        During the first section, you can finish your task by flying across the two checkpoints at the help of the space key and then press X to land. For the second section, you have to keep flying then go through all of checkpoints and then land on the last ring of light. During the third section, you first fly to the checkpoint,. Next press X and explode all of things into ash. The last section is also about flying through the checkpoint. But the way is different. You have to press Alt to go through the checkpoint when you are close to it. Of course, you can keep pressing Alt if you prefer to.......

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