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    Iron Man Game Review:

        This is a third person shooting game. The Iron Man is the same to the Superman, which are rare American heroes. It takes time for players to control this game although there is a tutorial at the beginning of this game.
        The charming point of this game is that players can get golden coins even if they fail to break through the level. With these golden coins, they can upgrade parts of their steel armor. In this way, their steel armor will have strong resistance to attack. The objective of players in this game is to destroy their enemies' property or army. At last, they can end the game by killing the BOSS. So in this respect, this game is not creative enough.

        Main Objective: Escape from captivity
        Secondary Objective: 6 Weapon Crates Destroyed
        Total Enemies Killed: kill as enemies as you can
        The first level is the tutorial. It is not very difficult. The purpose of this level is to help you get familiar with the basic operation method. Note the map will will tell you the distance between your destination and your current location regularly. So you will not get lost or walk around the same paths. You can just walk to the destination directly.
        The distance is specific.
        During their missions, players need to learn new operation methods, for example, how to walk, how to attack or how to change visual perspective.
        During their missions, players will know that the Iron Man can bring a great damage to their enemy by falling down from the high places like buildings. So players should fully take advantage of the terrain.
        Basically speaking, the enemies in this level are not very threatful to the iron man. But you need to pay attention to the fire launcher above because they can do harm to your iron man. Sometimes, once hit by the fire balls, your iron man will lose its power to attack during a short period of time. Besides, it is likely that your iron man will lose a lot of energy if it is attacked by fire balls for more than once. Be careful and use the shelter around the wall to cover yourself up or stay away from those launchers as far as you can.
        On your way, you can kill enemies and destroy their relative facilities by following the relative tips. You can break the wooden board, doors and so on directly to clear a way for yourself. During the running, do not forget to finish the next mission by shattering all kinds of weapon boxes scattered here and there. These weapon boxes have typical characteristics. So it will not be hard for players to find them as long as they walk around.
        At last, you should break the door at the end and destroy the fixed weapon box to end this level.
        The Iron Man fly away in a blink of an eye!
        The second level: First Flight
        Main Objective: Test the new Iron Man suit
        Total Enemies Killed: kill as many as enemies you can
        This is another tutorial level. The main objective of which is to test the new Iron Man suit.
        The first mission (take-off and landing)
        Take-off: Press L for a long time until the airplane reaches to a reasonable height. Note: The height should be reasonable, or the airplane cannot stay in the air; on the contrary, it will fall down.
        Landing: It is very simple for players to land. Just press L again after staying for a while in the air.
        Lower the height: Press L when the airplane is in the air, and then lower it to the designated height by pressing L. Note: You should control the timing properly. Or the airplane will go up again.
        The second mission: (fly through the blue circles)
        The third mission: (attack by falling)
        It is very simple. Go up as high as you can, and then press L to fall down and attack your target on the ground.
        The fourth mission: (fly through multiple circles in the air)
        First keep some distance with the circles, and then press L+L for flying. During this process, you can apply joy and visual perspective change keys to control your direction.
        It is cool when you are flying in the air.
        After finishing these four test flying missions, you can get down to shooting practice. It is about hitting target, which is not very difficult.
        But you need to note there are three states to be strengthened regularly:
        You will see these three states at the lower left corner: ARMOR、PROPULSION、WEAPON. You can apply the left and the back direction keys to strengthen these states. Their respective strengthen content is as follows:
        ARMOR(to strengthen defence abilities during a certain limited period of time), PROPULSION (enhance your agility during a limited period of time), WEAPON(accumulate enough power to attack your enemy during a limited period of time).
        You can launch the blue energy accumulation beam after the WEAPON state. But it will take time before launching although it can bring great damage to your enemy. So you better not to use it in a moving fight.
        Every state will last for a while once being strengthened. Later, the system will mind you that the current energy amount is not enough. Thus you need to change the state to EVEN to recover average energy.

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