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    James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace is an adventuring game published by the German game producer Activision company. In this game, players will act as James Bond and finish all kinds of tasks in Austria, Italy and South America. Bond's beloved woman is killed by the traitor to him Vesper, so Bond wants to avenge for her. But Bond found out that the truth is much more complicated than this when he was interrogating "M" and "Mr. White". This is the beginning of the whole story.

        Strategy guide:
        Left analogue stick: to move the character
        The right analogue stick: change the visual perspective and press special skill to kill your enemy when you are close to it.
        LT: aim
        RT: shoot
        LB: change weapon
        RB: throw out grenade
        +: change outfits
        X: reload
        A: cover
        Y: climb
        B: squat
        The operation method of his game combines some characteristics of COD4 and GOW. Your task objective will be showed on upper side of the screen. But there is no hint about the distance of COD4. The good news is that it is not difficult to find it. In this game, players should save their strength by putting emphasis on cover (similar to GOW) and flammable objects. Besides, it is not very hard for players to control this game. Generally speaking, this game only involves FPS. But it will give players a good feeling to play this game.
        James Bond is just an agent but not a muted man. So he is vulnerable to attack. My suggestion is to cover him up when you put him into a combat. In this game, your enemy's Hp is not very high. Thus it will be very easy for you to take care of them as long as you find a proper cover. Remember don't put yourself into a blind fight, or you will be dead very quickly and ugly. Next I will tell you how to explode the flammable objects. There are many flammable objects. Usually, you enemies are around these flammable objects. So as long as you care careful enough, you can kill all of your enemies easily.
        You need to sneak into your enemy's place in this game. You can reduce the number of your enemy by smothering the voice of your enemy's weapon or applying special skills although there is no police numerical alert system display.         The codes in this game are not very tricky. Most of them can be removed by entering the code according to the green arrow. Don't press the red arrow. You also need to note that you can collect cellphones to get into new episodes or intelligent systems. You can find these cellphones by following the sound sent out by them. Besides, players can also find their enemy's branch stronghold or get into new episodes by observing their enemy's every move. Oh, you will find the best fighting route for yourself as long as you have a good memory.
        Players can choose their own strategy of fight. They can choose to sneak around or just fight with their enemy face to face directly. Of course, the superman is a belligerent and violent enemy. He just kill everything in his way without a second thought.

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