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    Jet Set Go Game Review:

        Jet Set Go is a simulation game. In this game, players will operate a hotel. From Montreal to the Mayan Riviera, players can upgrade their hotel all the way. Besides, they need to provide their customers with high quality service by helping them with relative procedures. In this way, their customers can have enough time to enjoy their vocation.

        1. You can change the difficulty level anytime from the options menu.
        2. Your goal is to transform each travel agency into a beautiful five star agency.
        3. Increasing your star rank has a number of effects:
        New items at the shop!
        New customers!
        New travel destinations!
        4. To move up a star rank you must fill three bars.
        Excitement: this bar fills as you serve customers in your agency;
        Appeal: this bar fills as you buy items from the shop;
        Satisfaction: this bar fills as you serve customers on vacation.
        5. Customers have a five star excitement meter. If a customer waits too long, they will lose a star.
        6. If a customer loses all of their stars, they will get upset and leave.
        7. Good service causes a customer to gain a star and fills your excitement bar.
        8. Poor service causes a customer to lose a star. If three customers leave upset, it's game over.
        9. Cashing out customers in the travel agency earns you money to spend at the shop.
        10. Every dollar you spend at the shop fills up your appeal bar a little bit.
        11. Click on shop items to view details of the purchase. Click the purchase button to confirm the purchase.
        12. When a customer wants to move, the ballon above their head has an arrow.
        13. Click and drag customers to their desired chair.
        14. You will notice the chair they are requesting will highlight.
        15. When a customer wants a service, click on them to execute the service.
        16. On vacation customers have a satisfaction heart. When a customer is not requesting anything, thir heart will slowly fill up. When a customer is requesting something, their heart will drain. Once a customer's heart is full, you will earn their heart, causing your satisfaction bar to fill.
        16. You need to serve faster if you want to make more money. If your customers are leave upset, it is game over. Besides, you need to collect the cash timely, or you will gain nothing after all this busy.

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