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    Jetpack Joyride Game Review:

        Jetpack Joyride is a horizontal Parkour game transplanted from the IOS platform. In this game, the main character Barry sneaked into a mysterious factory and grabbed a personal rocket launcher which is studied and developed by some scientists. Come and follow him run away from this mysterious factory at the help of this rocket launcher.
        But you should know that Jetpack is not powered by traditional fuel. Instead, it levels itself up by keeping firing bullets. Besides, there are different types defense grids, flying bullets and powerful laser fence. Thus the game scene is really magnificent. Coupled with creative background music, it is really cool to play this game.
        The graphics included in this game are of high quality. Besides, the props in this game are also full of change. So it is really a kind of test to players' reaction ability and the ability to make right judgment.

        The most distinctive feature of this game is that there are a lot of vehicles, including ferocious machine car and so on. Each vehicle has its won characteristics. Of course, every type have its own disadvantages either. Maybe you have already found out that the lighting format will change greatly every time when you climb on different vehicles. Next I want to talk something about this ferocious machine car.
        The electricity is near to zero every time when you mount on the machine car. Many players even think that the machine car falls down so easily, so they usually will not choose it.
        Actually, it is very cool to drive the machine car. We can dodge the lighting by touching the screen at the beginning stage. At a higher speed, you can apply double jump to better control this vehicle. The reason is that you can jump over two lightings once you perform double jump for once. So you do not need to worry about the lighting in the middle!
        So have a try! Remember to perform double jump for more than once when you are at a high speed even if there is no lighting within your sight. You need to jump beforehand because the speed is really fast.
        Simple tasks
        Play 3 Game
        Reach 500m Without Collecting Any Coins
        Collect 5 Vehicles
        Collect 2 Spin Tokens In One Game
        High Five 10 Scientists In One Game
        Slide 50m On Your Face
        Collect 1500 Coins
        Brush Past 10 Red Flashing Lights In One Game
        Smash A Hole In The Wall 5 Times
        Buy A New Item In The Stash
        Collect Lil Stomper 3 Times
        Cash In 3 Spin tokens
        Finish A Game Between 300m And 400m
        Have A Near Miss With A Missile
        Collect 200 Coins In One Game
        Reach 500m Without Using A Vehicle
        Travel 3000m Total
        Purchase And Use A Head Start
        Travel 750m Total In The Hog
        Collect 5 Spin Tokens
        Have A Near Miss With 10 Zappers
        Change Gravity 30 Times In A Sincie Run
        Cover 300m On Foot In A Single Game
        Win A Prize In The Final Spin 5 Times
        Finish A Game Between 500m And 600m
        Collect 3 Spin Tokens In One Game
        Reach 1000m Without Collecting Any Coins
        Purchase And Use A Final Blast
        Rub Your Hear Against The Roof For 300m In One Game
        Travel A Total Of 2000m In Any Vehicle
        Reach 1500m
        Ride 250m In The Hog In A Single Run
        Collect 10 Spin Tokens
        Fly 500m In The Teleporter In Single Run
        Cover 1000m On Foot
        Reach 1000m Without Using The Machine Gun Jetpack
        Fly 300m In The Profit Bird In A Single Run
        Knock Down 25 Scientists With Lil Stomper

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