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    Just Cause Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        The main character of this game is a charming American Agent. He is asked to overturn the local government by cooperating with the local drug dealers and resistance force.
        This game covers a land area of 1225 square kilometers. There are high mountains, forests, lakes, beaches and other terrain in this game. Besides, a number of small cities and towns will also appear in this game. A large city is located in the main island.
        Players can explore every corner on this map. They can help rebellion army and drug dealers to conquer cities. Don't worry. The system provides all kinds of traffic tools for players to apply. There are airplanes, boats and motorcycles, etc. Besides, the variety of weapon is also very rich.
        The main character of this game has some kind of special power. In this game, players can apply these special powers to fly into the sky and dive into the water. This is really exciting. Besides, there are not too much constraints for players to enjoy this game.

        1. First, you will see some CG animated video clips after you entering into the game. A man in red put a signal detonator beside the beach. The main character jumps down from the airplane. Here our main character will save this uncle in red.
        2. You will see the main character flying down to the ground. It feels so cool. Press A to apply the parachute. Don't open your parachute too early because your destination is the opposite beach. Unfortunately, if you land into the water instead on the beach, and then you have to swim to the opposite side. After stepping onto the beach, you will see that the uncle in red is fighting against the underworld people. At this moment, don't hesitate. Just take part into the fight. You can use right and left direction keys to change weapon. You can pick up your enemy's weapon once he is dead.
        3. After killing all of these puny enemies, uncle in red will drive a Jeep towards you. Press Y to jump onto this jeep. Of course, there will be a lot of enemies chasing you. The scene is very magnificent. Just shoot at them in a crazy way. It is very simple to finish this task.
        4. Afterwards, the car is stopped by some obstacles. So you need to get off the car and remove the obstacle in front of you. It is very simple. What you need to do is to shoot six people to death. Next shoot at the red bangalore for several times to clear the way.
        At last, you will reach to your stronghold. This place is very quiet. Here, you will meet with a very sexy MM. This is really an excellent place. There are not too many things here. You will find a garage, a place for you to recharge your HP, a munition, a record point and a white car used to perform task. Your task will start form here.
        5.You first task is about rescuing. The record point will not be available for now once you get your task until you finish your task. Form here, you need to kill people. First drive the motorcycle to the main road. There are a lot of traffic tools on the main road. For you to apply
        Once you get to the main road, you can kill whatever you want. The policemen are anything but your opponent. You can get a lot of weapons by killing these policemen. Note there is a red star mark on the map, which is your destination. You can press BACK to check out the map. Next you can just follow the designated road line.
        6. Finally you will successfully rescue the strong man. He will follow you. But he is not strong enough to help you deal with your enemy. So just ignore him and continue your task. Afterwards, you will be circled by policemen. It is so exciting to kill these policemen. After getting this job done, you can just jump onto the car and drive back. In this way, you will find your destination. It is a temporary camp. Now it is time to save your game.
        7. You will get another task once you get close to the camp. And your task is to conquer this city. At first, the number of your enemy is not very large and your weapons are not powerful enough. So take the burglars march forward with a grenade in your hand. But with more and more enemies killed by you, you will become powerful. Besides, there will be more than one road obstacles in front of you. So just throw your grenade at these road obstacles. After removing three obstacles, the road will be cleared by you. So you can take the flag which is the representative of your final victory.
        8. You will take another task. This task is the same to the former task, so just repeat all of your actions again.
        9. You can get your main task beside the white car. Here, you will be given with a special gun. Here all kinds of traffic tools are available to you. So fly at the help of the parachute and follow the red mark on the map. On your way, you better destroy the car. Or he will become too powerful once it gets into the town. Besides, it will be much easier for it to run away in this way
        10. Afterwards, you will reach to a big house. Here, you can enjoy a new episode. But save your game first.
        11. Continue your main task by following the black mark on the map. You can get to the opposite side by taking the boat. The system will automatically guide you to a base of the mafia gang. Here, you need to explode away two high white towers by using C4. It is very easy to finish this step.

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