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Kart Racer
Kart Racer

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 1.0 GHz
DirectX 8.1
512 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 160 MB
16-bits Sound Card

      Kart Racer is a wonderful car racing game. Compared with other similar games, this game has three advantages. The first advantage is that the background music of this game is really wonderful. Although this is an action game, the background music of this game is pleasing to enjoy instead of noising. The second advantage is that the designing of this game is really innovative and of high quality. First, there are a lot of turnings. Besides, these turnings are set in a scientific way. Second, once your car gets hit or damaged, you can see clearly part of it drops down to the ground. The last advantage is that players will be rewarded with new racing cars and racing tracks once they win the game. These new racing cars unlocked are with better performance. The scenery on the both sides of the racing track is also different. So this will give players a kind of fulfillment to play this game. At the same time, all of these new racing cars and tracks is a kind of momentum for them to play this game. All in all, developers of this game invested a lot of time and energy to perfect it. They aim to provide players with a new view and new experience. So you should try it!