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    Kart Racer Game Review:

        Kart Racer is a car racing game. This game includes altogether three racing teams-60cc, 125cc and 250cc. There are 15 racing tracks set in seven different countries. There are both indoor and outdoor environment in this game. 16 racers can take part into each competition at the same time.
        Under the single player mode, player can compete or take challenge from each other. But under the multiplayer mode, two players can enjoy this game at the same time. Once your car is involved into a car accident or collision, it will be deformed. The good news is that you can unlock new car, new racing track or mode once you win the game. At last, you can replay your excellent performance during the game and enjoy it.

        Walkthrough :
        X: handbrake
        S: look back
        Down: brake button
        Right: steer right
        Left: steer left
        Space: reset the car
        1. The operation method of this game is the same to that of other racing games. There is car racing video clip for you to enjoy at the beginning of this game. Besides, the background music of which is really wonderful.
        2. Next you can choose the language. There are English, French and Dutch available to you. Besides, there are singer player and multiplayer mode for you to choose. First let us talk about the single player mode. Under this mode, there are Racer, Challenge and Arena. But the latter two are not available to you at the beginning because you have not an advanced car and enough scores. The multiplayer mode supports eight players to take part into this game at the same time.
        3. The problem is that there are many turnings in this game. So you need to run both in a steady and fast way. Do not drive to fast when you reach to a turning. Or it is likely that you will lose control to your car. The outcome is that your car will keep spinning at the same place instead of running forward. If this is the case, you will spend more time to cover the laps required by the system. In this way, you cannot get high score or rank at the end of this game.
        4. In terms of the strategy, the most important thing is that kind of correct driving feeling. Once you get it, it does not matter whether you drive your car in a fast or slow way even if there is a turning in front of you. This is a really good thing to try at the accompany of the wonderful background music. This is the perfect state of playing this game, which will take players’ time.
        5. The most important thing is that you need to apply the alt button properly in this game. This is a button for boost whose function is similar to that of the NO2. You can apply this button once you are on the straight line. This way can help you double your scores. But do not apply this button when you are turning. Or you will send yourself into the sky and then fall into pieces on the ground. Or you will keep spinning at the same place. In whichever case, you need to play this game all over again.
        6. You can also visit the trophy room once you get bored with this game. Maybe some trophies in this room are still beyond your reach. So keep trying, you can unlock new track and new car once you are rewarded with a new trophy. This means that you will have new gaming experience.

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