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Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
Kids Doodle - Color & Draw

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System Requirements:
      This is a really wonderful hand sketch game for children. It is really wonderful to spend some happy time with your children in this colorful world. There are plenty of colorful and flashy pens available. Children can use these gorgeous pens to create a brilliant sketch. There is no limit of any kind. And there are no restrictions. The child can just use his own imagination to create different kinds of sketches. The player can try to draw some trees, a house, nearly anything that a human can think of. As one of the players of this game, there is no need for you to worry about that you might make some mistakes. It is very common to make some mistakes when you are drawing. Even if you draw a wrong line because of your sudden trembling and uncontrollable hands, you can use the eraser to delete the wrong step. And if you would like to, you can also share your wonderful works on the popular social media networks like Facebook.
      The drawing process itself can help your children have a better understanding of color and know more about the combination of different colors to form a compatible sketch. And your child will also have basic drawing feeling. Of course, it is difficult for your child to become a drawing master by playing this simple game, but it will definitely bring your child the basic knowledge about drawing and it might lead your child to become interested in painting activity. You can even try to guide your child to draw the moon, the star and even beautiful butterflies. You and your child will find yourself entering into a world of beauty. Everything is so amazing. And you can easily create everything with the the magic pen in your hand.
      Your goal is very simple, that is, to become a sketching master. And nothing else is important. Maybe at first it is a little bit difficult for your child to distinguish different colors and recognize the right shape. But after trying for some time, your child will find the right way to do his own magic. And each sketch created by your child is unique. So just try to give your child more encouragement while he or she is playing this game and immersing himself or herself into this world of colors. Do not judge him or her recklessly because each work is a wonder. It contains your child’s true feelings and views about this world. And if you would like to be patient, and if you would like to observe carefully your child's work, you will find out that he or she is really amazing. And his or her work includes not only some lines of different colors, but also love, beauty and priceless wisdom. You can better understand his or her understanding of this world by carefully enjoying his or her work. And it is really fun to encourage your child to try to draw a portrait for you. You will find your true image in his or her mind through the portrait. Maybe you are a really kind father or mother in your child’s mind; Maybe in his mind, you are a superhero; or maybe your child thinks that you are just a monster. The power of a childish sketch is stronger than the power of words. And your child's casual sketch can express more about himself and about the relationship between you and your child. So it is time for you and your child to enjoy yourselves in this colourful world!