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Kung Fu Panda:Legendary
Kung Fu Panda:Legendary

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS

      This is a really interesting game. I belive that you are absorbed by the lovely Po at first sight. This game is focus on him. He is brave and a little bit of naughty. But he has superpower too. Thus in this game, you can control him to destroy monsters by applying these superpowers owned by Po. There will be reward for you if you kill enemies. But you know, he is not alone. He has many wonderful friends. His friends are of different natures and all of them have superpowers too. Every time when Po is in trouble, the onkey will show his pity for Po and help him out of his trouble. If you watch the original film, you will understand this game better. But for kids, this game can help them understand the meaning of share and friendship. They will learn to give their friends a hand when they are in trouble. Beside, the sound track and the background music of this game are really wonderful. The graphics are 3D. In a word, this game will not be difficult for your child to play. Your child will be interested into it. So what are you waiting for?