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    Kung Fu Panda:Legendary Game Review:

        This game tells a story. The little monsters living in the woods always destroy carops at night. At first, no one knows who did this. But after further reserch made by Kung Fu Panda. He finds out that it is these monsters to blame. Thus he determines to destroy these little monsters.

        Game Object:
        Control the character to avoid danger. Destroy your enemy in a fast speed and protect the village!
        Po is an apprentice in a restaurant. But he dreams to be superhero. The truth is thathe is very lucky. He takes the responsibility of saving the whole valley by accident. He has to fight against the giant dragon. Although Po is a new one, he never gives up. He just tries to prove his own ability. During this process, he finds that his weakness is his superpower. At the second stage, he masters Tai Ji martial arts. The original form of Po is a Chinese panda.
        He is very friendly and kind. He is the most kind one among the five superheroes. He covers his superability with his easy going character. He is fond of joking. He is very happy every time when he sees the panda practicing martial arts. He is very powerful. But he seldom takes challenge from his enemies.
        She is the most powerful and the youngest one. You can find all the heroic qualities in her. She is far-sighted, very brave, fearless and heroic. She treasures every day. When other animal think that their expectation for Po is nothing but a joke. She doesn't think so. Sshe thinks that all of them will make mistake no matter how strong they are. She realizes that life will always surpise you.
        He is a male animale. But he is the "hen mother" of the team. He is good a resolving personal conflicts. If possible, he will avoid any conflict.
        She is a capricious warrior. At first, she will tease yo with her charming appearance, followed by storming attack. She is not only famous for her special power but also her strength, her evil nature and her mean. Next is the lethal attack. It is no wonder that she can get whatever she wants.
        He is the smallest one. But he never recognizes this fact. He is strong with agility and flexibility. He always shows his pity for Po. Every time he plays some mischiefs to help Po out of his awkward situation. Nothing can scare him (except for the femal mantis, you will know why by consulting the insect encyclopedia).

        How to start
        After download the game, you should double click the file and then choose pass 1-click play-click skip-play the game.
        Shift attack
        ↑ jump
        You can just attack the giant monster by pressing Shift. Don't be afraid of them. But you need to control time and speed properly. You have to attack it as long as it is close to you. Otherwise, you will be killed by them. In ther later stage, the number and the walking speed of the monster will increase. So you should be focus on the. The sound track and the background music of this game are really exxciting. Thus it will be a good experience to play this game. You will be rewarded with 500 points by killing one monster.
        Note: the attacking key is Z for some version. So you should try and figure it out by yourself.

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