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    Kung Fu Panda Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        This game is originated from a legend, which is about a legendary hero. His name is Po. At first, he is just a kind and lovely panda. He help his father Mr. Ping run a restaurant at daylight. At night, he is absorbed into the dream of fighting with the The Furious Five.
        Under the guidance of his master, Po starts new life with The Furious Five. At first, they are very disappointing about this clumsy panda. But Po proves his ability and forms his own school. Thus people gradually pay homage to him. At last, Po successfully defeated Tai Lung and obtains victory by firm triumphalism and skill leaned on the journey.

        Game strategies
        1. All Multiplayer Characters - Left, Down, Left, Right, Down
        Big Head Mode - Down, Up, Left, Right, Right
        Infinite Chi - Down, Right, Left, Up, Down
        Invulnerability (Story Mode) - Down, Down, Right, Up, Left
        Dragon Warrior Outfit (Multiplayer Mode) - Left, Down, Right, Left, Up
        4x Damage Multiplayer - Up, Down, Up, Right, Left
        2. The default control keys: 4→slight attack, 6→ heavy attack, 5 →gas
        3. 4-4-6
        Recommendation reason: Twice strikes can perfectly connect with the last heavy strike.... In addition to this, you should note that after pressing 446, the number of the golden coins you get is the four times as many as the original!
        4. 6-6-6
        Recommendation reason: It is not fit for real fighting because the heavy attack needs longer time..... When you press 6 and kill the enemy, the number of the golden coins you get is still four times as many as the original!
        5. 4-5
        Recommendation reason: When you are circled by the enemy, this skill can explode gas...... You can kill your enemy in an invisible way.....the drawback is that this skill is not powerful enough.
        6. 6-6
        Recommendation reason: This skill feels like just useless. It is not very effective even if you strike for several times.
        7. 4-6
        Recommendation reason: This skill is very magnificent but it has the same effect with the above one. Thus you can use these two skills cooperatively.
        8. Shift
        Recommendation reason: You need this skill to kill BOSS. This skill has counterattack effect at the later stage. For example, you can press shift to defeat your enemy. Or you can choose to press 4, Belly top skill (gas consuming), press 5, blasting gas rolling skill (gas consuming), press 6, strong detonation skill (gas consuming)
        9. Panda rolling
        Recommendation reason: You can ignore your enemy's also can knock into your enemy with full strength (your enemy will lose two times' blood), the absolute enemy free state (Panda exclusive) (gas consuming)
        10. Space 5
        Recommendation reason: this skill is very useful. You can apply this skill when you are circled by many enemies. You can knock your enemy out of miles away, thus this skill is very powerful!!
        11. Space 4or 6
        Recommendation reason: this skill is not practical enough. Compared with the above skill, this skill is a sucker.
        Throw out bench, fruit knife, bomb, woman
        Recommendation reason: Different articles have different powers. Thus it is easy to attack your enemy.

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