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    La Casa De Dora Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is an enlightenment game designed for children. Children can plant flowers, play musical instrument, classify things and dress Dora.
        Welcome to Dora's home. You can play musical instrument in Dpra's living room and play card game here. See the card in Dora's hand, if you find out the same card and then click it. If there is not, you can just let Dora change the card by clicking the box. There is also a wardrobe in Dora's bedroom, you can change clothes for Dora. You can also make desserts in the kitchen. First choose the dessert you want to make, and then choose the designated cooking materials. After entering into the garden, you can plant flowers. First choose the seed by clicking the book. But remember the flopwers will bloom only you water and feed them in a timely way.
        You can get into Dora's home by travelling through the forest. The bright graphics will make you feel that you are in the fairytale world. You can choose to play game in whatever room you want. This game includes altogehter sic scenes. It is interesting for children to play because there are a lot of different cartoon animals.
        This game applies real voice, including all kinds of voice illustrations. The music is also very light.
        You can choose different room to start the game. As this game is designed for kids, thus it is not very difficult to play this game. Parents can guide their children to play.
        This is an innovative game. You can play instrument in your living room and the card game in your bedroom. These games can help your child improve his cognitive ability.
        At the same time, as an englightenment game, this game can help your child improve his cognitive ability of the geometric figures. This game is also good to your child's observation ability. So follow Dora and visit her home. She will teach you how to plant flowers and put on clothes. Besides, she will teach your child to recognize different things. The designing of this game is of high quality. Thus this game will be both helpful and interesting for your child to play.

        1. You can get into Dora's home. There are guest house and garden. If you choose the living room, and then you will see instrument and other interesting things. You can begin the game by clicking any of thing in this roo,. For example, if you click the musical instrument, and then you can enjoy music. Just click it, and many beautiful music notes will dance for you!
        2. After entering Dora's bedroom, you can play the Bingo game. You can star this game by clicking the cards on the table. What you need to do is to find out the card that is the same to the card in Dora's hand. It is very easy to find out because the objects on the cards are nothing but common things like fridgerator, chair, and sofa, etc. If there is no such a match picture, you can click the box and Dora will show another card for you. There is also an wardrobe in Dora's bedroom. Thus you can change clothes for Dora. Dora will be very happy if you put suitable clothes on her.
        3. After entering into the kitchen, you will find that Dora's father is there. You should click him. The next step is to find the relative material needed for cooking. But you need to note that some materials like eggs and milk are stored in the fridgerator. So you need to click the fridgerator to find out the corresponding cooking material.

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