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    Legacy of Kain - Defiance Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        In Legacy of Kain:Defiance, there are altogether two characters: Kain and Raziel. The fighting between them are so wonderful that players do not have the heart to leave.
        If you are interested in the action games, and then you will find that the operation method of this game is similar to that of the Devil May Cry. You will fully addict yourself to enjoying the fighting and giving your complement because of the smooth actions. These two characters will apply different skills during the combat.

        △---- attack upward
        ○---- energy control, lift up your enemy
        □---- normal attack
        R1----vampire or soul sucker, you can strike your enemy into unconsciousness and suck his blood.
        R2----shoot from a distance
        R3----move visual perspective, but you cannot locate it
        L1----draw sword
        Direction key----choose weapon!
        Kain 1
        First, you need to apply Kain. But the first level is very easy because its purpose is to let you have a basic understanding about the CAO of this game.
        Kain will help you resolve some problems in the later part of this game. First, you need to climb up the wall by taking advantage of things like stripes on the wall. Besides, you can run across some objects like rail.
        You can also break the wall and other objects. It is easier for you to use sword to kill nearer enemy; while use R2 and analogue stick together to kill enemy in a distance. Remember there are cracks on the breakable wall and purple light on the breakable objects. You should know that Kain is afraid of water. So Kain will be dead in a second once it falls into water.
        Next the attack should be started after obtaining your first balance emblem in the hall. Here, you will master a new skill called cadaverous laceration. After this, two sealed door will open. The high priest is in the maze underground. The truth is that you will be knocked down by him in a blink of an eye because you are not powerful enough at current.
        Razie 1
        Next you will start a journey with the soul sucker Raziel. At first, Raziel has a bet with Kain, saying they can get out of the hell. Actually, Raziel can move freely between the hell and the human world.
        Raziel can attack its enemy like Kain does. But most of monsters in the hell have no soul. So Raziel can only suck several small monsters' soul in the hell.
        The first chapter ends with the outcome that players successfully get out of the hell. (Note: There is a running task. In your way, the road is broken. Actually you can use the green lader to glide to the opposite side)
        Kain 2
        Get back to the hall with falcon lnsignia. The warrior statue is still in this hall. But the thing in his hand is gone. Next get into the room on your right side and climb up to the upper level at the help of falcon lnsignia. After entering into a gate, you will see a shield. So pick up it and get back to the hall to unlock the room of shield.
        You can get a sword at the second floor. Next you should come back to the hall and use the sword to unlock the room of sword. And then put down the hanging bridge by destroying the winches on both sides. Besides, you need to destroy the winches and the walls in the opposite room. After you finishing this, the falling bridge will break the floor board. You can get a small sword in the room below. The sword should be used to open the gate on the left side. After getting this room, you will have a new skill called FLAME. At this moment, all of the gates will close. So what you should do next?
        Don't panic. You can get out of the room by pressing R2. In this way, two lights will be on. OK, now it is time for you to take care of the high priest. Return to the room where you get your small sword, and then ignite the lights on the column. A road will appear in front of you. At last, you will find the high priest by climbing up to the top floor. The high priest will turn into a crow after his death.
        Raziel 2
        You will reach to a circular square after getting out of the gate and turn left walking through an open gate. Here, you will be circled by a flock of dark monsters. Don't hesitate and kill all of them, and then you can get into the room through the window. Here, you will see red fog glowing. Next you should press up and down direction keys to go back to the human world.
        Back to the room from where you run away and jump into the water. Next you can sneak into another room and get the shield by pulling out column crates. And then you can use the shield between two statues to enter into a big room with a column in the middle of it. But the problem is that Raziel cannot travel and fly freely in the human world. So it has no choice but to get back to the hell!
        You will find that the rising column falling down once you jump over the rail. (many things in the hell will change). Next you should climb up to the second floor. A platform will come into your sight if you march forward. But it is too high to jump onto. So you have to change your course and jump through the middle square to the opposite side.
        Destroy a door with your sword and you will get to a place like an altar. Here, you can master DARK REAVER skill. With this skill, you can change the colors of the balls on your side. At last, you should return. This new skill will help you get into the room which was forbidden to enter just now.

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