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    Lego Batman 2 Super Hero Game Review:

       Brief content: At the beginning, it seems that our rich hand handsome Batman is reaching out for the Oscar award. When the host declaring that out little Golden Man is captured by the Batman, as a man of honor, our friend Joker bother stands out of the audience and grabs away the little Golden Man. How Batman can tolerate such things to happen, thus he calls upon his teammate Robin for a fighting.

        Game strategies:
        1. You have to take care of several soldiers after shining appearance. The next step is to rebuild the collapsed staircases in the shining place with K button as what shows in the map. You will meet your first little BOSS after stepping up to the stage.
        2. It is very easy to take care of this little ugly BOSS. What you need to do is very simple. You only need to hold button H for a long time after it is standing high. Three times hits will be enough. And then we come to the secret passages underground.
        3. You will find a new world after entering into these secret passages. It will be surprised to you that there is a big clock on the left side of the open door. How about open it and have a look? Oh, there is a pair of green foot. Don't let the enemy slip away, after it!
        4. Riddler is chased to a room by the Batman. After pushing the button, the opportunity will be locked by the laser light as long as you come to it. And there are obstacles that falling from above and block your way. Thus we have to find out the best way to break through this pass.
        5. We come to the exit of the left staircase and see a shiny climbing point. You can climb up by holding button H for a long time. And then as you can see in the map, you can climb through other two points with the same method. You should come to the end side of the corridor and then push down one box. After combining, you can get the first special piece of equipment. The batman clothes can hide you from seeing by your enemy. You can break through this pass by pressing button K and becoming invisible.
        6. Here we see a closed door. You need Robin's help to open this door. You should first let the Batman climb up to the left climbing point and then pressing button K so as to change the character as Robin. And then Robin should climb up to the point on the right side. In this way, you can open the door.
        7. You should first take care of several footy soldiers. Our brother Riddler is not here. But the green gate in front of you is really suspicious. It seems that we obtain X-ray eyes when we reach to the middle of the hall by pressing button K. You should allure your enemy out according to the tip, and then take care of him with uncessant hitting. In this way, we successfully combine this wall into a elevator. Let us go, BOY!
        8. We come to the second floor by stepping out of the elevator. First, you can save the game. And then you should destroy the cart on the left side of the elevator, by this way, you can get the first competence costume by pressing button K. And then Robin will turn into a monkey with a golden stick in his hand. You should first put the stick at the climbing point with yellow and green by pressing button H. After that, Robin can use this stick jump to the high stage. At this time, there occurs three little BOSS- two face.
        9. Here comes Robin. Our Batman goes down. Thus we have to push him up. As you can see in the map, there are a heap of sundries on the right side of the vase. You can see a climbing point after wrecking a havoc on these sundries. Now you can see the Batman climbing up. OK, it is time to deal with BOSS. But there are spectators who are in panic. Thus we cannot pass. To find a way out, we come to the room with a blue box in it as you can see in map four. There is laser light at the entrance of the door. You will become invisible after exchanging into Batman. You can combine new prop by destroying the box.
        10. It needs new Robin's new power to start new prop. By pressing button K, Robin will become an ice ball, which can be stuck right in the middle of the prop. You should push the ball forward before pressing the button, and then you can see a high stand falling down. Next is the time to torture BOSS!
        11. After taking care of the BOSS, you should go up the staircase and enter into the middle door. Here we will meet face to face Joker for the first time. It is very easy to take care of him. He will choose to control one of the character. At this time, you should press button U and exchange into another character. And then you can focus on attacking. After three times, he will stand on the top of the camera.
        12. As you can see in the map, we come to a corner on the right side of the house. Here what in front of us is a electricity generator. After fixing the internal structure by making use of perspective function according to tips, Joker will run to the lower stage.
        13. At this moment, you should use button K to combine a channel to the dancing stage, and then you jump and kick Joker. This is the end of this pass. But Joker is still alive. He runs away by yacht without any fear. So it seems that our fight is to be continued.

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