LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

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System Requirements:
Xbox 360
      It is really wonderful to try this game with your friends together. You will join the heroes of the DC comics universe to have a really exciting adventure. Together, you will go to the outer space to prevent the evil Brainiac from destroying our precious earth. Now everything is in a mess. And it is your huge responsibility to make it return to the normal and orderly state. The most exciting thing is that you will have the chance to use the power of the lantern rings. You will release the unimaginable force of the lantern rings and everything will be under your control. You will become invincible. And the contents of this game are really abundant. Players will have opportunity to unlock more than 150 distinctive characters from the DC comics universe. You will meet your favorite characters, such as Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy and many other characters from the Justice League and the Lego. Each of these characters owns their own special abilities. And there is no age discrimination in this game. Fans of all ages can find their own fun in this game. And they will be able to control their favorite villains and heroes with super abilities to complete different missions. Believe me, the mind controlling abilities and the power of the lantern rings in this game will bring you totally unexpected game experience. And you will also find that the classic characters’ personalities are a little bit twisted in this game, and which is a really surprising thing.
      Generally speaking, this game is an epic. And if you have tried the previous Lego Batman games, and then you will definitely like this one. They are actually similar to each other. But this one is on a larger scale. And you will feel like you are playing two games at the same time. But this is a good thing because you will also have more missions and creative tasks to enjoy. And it will be a huge regret if you miss it since all the side missions are so interesting. Without these side missions, this game might lose its glow. In this larger version, there are abundant contents waiting for you to unearth and the whole earth is waiting for your help. And it is very easy for you to become addicted to this game since it contains so much extra content, side missions and collectibles. But it is not very easy for you to feel boring. Each section, each room, and each world in this game have something for you to uncover. Unlike other similar games, if you conquer a certain level, and then that's it, each level in this game has an incredible amount of replay value. You just want to replay and believe me, it will give you a really worthwhile reason to return. And if you are a completed player who is always looking for the perfection, you must be prepared that you are going to be playing this game for more time. So it is time for you to start your adventure with your favorite heroes and forget everything else. You will definitely like this game. And you will find yourself so powerful by completing all the missions in this game successfully, even if it will take you some time to conquer them one by one. The one thing that you always needs to remember is that you are a hero. You are no longer a normal and weak human without superpowers. Now you are the earth’s only and sole saviour. A lot of people are waiting for you to save them. So be brave and wish you luck!