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LEGO Batman
LEGO Batman

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System Requirements:
Windows Vista/XP/2000
      This is a BATMAN series game. In this game, it needs players to recombine many building blocks into gate, ladder or rope and so on to finish their tasks. So if you are interested in games about building blocks, and then this game will be designed for you. The biggest advantage of this game is that the operation of this game is not very tricky although there are a lot of characters contained in this game. It is also very convenient for players to control Batman. Besides, each character of this game has different skills and abilities. So players need to change character in order to finish some specific passes. There are also relative suits for players to perform different tasks. The charming point is that no matter you are a good guy or bad guy in this game, you can fully participate into this game. Different characters have their own tasks. Moreover, there will be different kinds of rewards once you perform well in this game. Players should also note that the graphics of this game are with high quality. Besides, the background music is also very exciting. Generally speaking, this is a classic action game. At last, players will have a totally new gaming experience by playing this game.