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    LEGO Batman Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        There are many distinctive character included in this game. They are Joker, penguin, Harlequin、Killer Croc and Scarecrow, etc. and other all kinds of hidden characters. Players need to fulfill different tasks by recombining different building blocks. For example, players can open a gate, find a new channel and make a ladder for BATMAN with these building blocks.

        Strategy guide:
        The first pass GOTHAM STREETS
        Episode 1
        You can destroy a lot of things in every episode by pressing Y for golden coins. Besides, there are also Lego building blocks after destroying some articles. You can recombine these blocks into a trap to continue the game. But you need to change character by pressing X to break through the pass.
        First you need to walk to the right side and kill two enemies. You can throw boomerang by pressing A. After killing them, you can fix up the building blocks to open the gate. Next you will see a moving platform after breaking the boxes in the gate. Remember only BATMAN can climb up to the platform by the rope, and then pull up Robin.
        Next you need to recombine the building blocks into switch on the right side. You can activate the switch at the help of ROBIN. Press A to let ROBIN get to the opposite side. Turn on the switch after you successfully recombing the building blocks in front of the gate, and then you can jump down and make a transmission rope with the building blocks. In this way, you can also pull BATMAN up.
        You can get flying ability once you help BATMAN reach to the platform by pressing B. In this way, you can fly to the opposite platform and kill two enemies there. Next you will see a new channel after successfully recombing the building blocks on the left upper side. In this way, the ROBIN can get to you. You can walk downward and recombine the building blocks there. And then glide into the channel at the help of ROBIN. Here, recombine two piles of building blocks. One is the switch. You can open the gate by jumping onto the switch. In this way, you can help the BATMAN in. Another is the BATMAN rope platform.
        After jumping onto the BATMAN platform, you need to recombine the building blocks first. Next change time bomb suit and click the bottle under the screen to install the bomb. At last, you can ignite the bomb by clicking the handler again. Now jump downward and get to the next episode by exploding the red iron gate in front of you.
        Episode 2
        Walk to the right side and kill two enemies. Next go the middle part and stamp onto the left switch, you will see a blue building block. Here, you need to collect three building blocks.
        Take these three building blocks to the mouth of the machine and let the machine eat them. Next the machine will spit out building blocks. You need to recombine these building blocks, and then BATMAN rope platform will appear. Step onto the platform and go to the left side to make a ladder with the building blocks. After finishing this, you can pull BATMAN up. And then make another rope with the building blocks on your right side. Change the character to ROBIN and turn on both switches and let BATMAN in.
        Blow away the red box in it and then turn on the two switches. Go outside and make a ladder. Next let BATMAN explode the red iron gate. Now go to the right side and kill two enemies to put the ladder into place. Next control the BATMAN and destroy the two red boxes. After this, you should use the boomerang to hit two targets for building blocks. Next change the character into magnet man. The magnet man will climb up along the ladder. Push the box down and you can get building blocks. You can put the building blocks together for a ladder and then let the BATMAN in. Afterwards, go to the right side and make BATMAN rope platform. After getting to the platform, you can turn on the switch and then make the ladder to pull ROBIN up. At the same time, you can also stamp onto the switch and get into the inside gate. Here, you can start the next episode.
        Episode 3
        First jump downward and make the ladder. Next march forward and kill all of enemies in your way. Go to the right side and control the BATMAN to eat the golden coins. After this, the BATMAN will walk to the middle gate.
        Episode 4
        BOSS: muddy man
        You can kill the BOSS by apply ordinary attacking skills. But it will call upon puny soldiers every time when it loses a certain amount of HP. After killing all of the puny soldiers, it will jump down again. It will give you some building blocks when it has only one slot of blood. You should recombine these building blocks into a switch and then step onto it. Next you can pull off both switches to let muddy man be drown to death. This is the end of this pass.
        First you should destroy the second black bucket to make the transmission channel. Besides, control ROBIN to eat golden coins. Next go to the right side and kill two enemies. And then recombine the building blocks on the ground. After this, you will see a shifting bomb on BATMAN platform. In this way, you can explode the red iron gate in front of you by shifting into a bomb.
        hjh7hj:HP regeneration automatically
        jxudy6:Immune to freeze
        This is the most popular sequel among Lego series of works. Except for the characters included in the Batman, there are also other heroic characters in DC will also appear in this game. The game codes are as follows.
        Application instruction: Pause => Extras => Enter Code
        Codes     functions
        LRJAG8 Minikit
        RYD3SJ Peril

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