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    Line Runner Game Review:

        Line Runner is a game about running. In this game, what players need to do is to quickly jump through barriers during running. Besides, they need to roll across many obstacles by trying their best. At last, they should pass the level and finish their mission at a fastest speed!
        In this game, you can challenge levels with different difficulty levels. You should try to defeat other players.
        After the release of this game on different platforms, this game is widely accepted by many players. This game is full of excitement and challenges. So many players show their deep love to this game. You can also have a try for yourself!

        1. This game will be not a problem to you if you are a Parkour game lover. But if you are a new player, you should choose the tutorial mode first and have a practice, which will be helpful for you to break through levels.
        2. There are not too many obstacles at the beginning of this game. So players only need to perform several actions. But it will become difficult to pass levels while the game progress, which needs players to react quickly. Besides, they need to master the perfect timing to jump.
        3. If you think that you are an excellent line runner, and then you can also invite your friends to compete with you. The winner will be rewarded with relative prizes.
        4. The key is to run fast. Besides, you need to balance yourself and cannot hit into the barrier, or you will drop down.
        5. It is not very difficult to control this game. What you need to do is to touch the screen and make the main character jump through the barrier.
        6. This is a really exciting game. But for players, this is also a big challenge. Players need to be equipped with high psychological quality because the running road is set high into the sky. So players are diagnosed with acrophobia will have no chance to play this game. So you need to be patient enough, or you will die. But if you are an excellent runner, you will see hero in yourself. You will feel like the whole world is behind you.
        7. So you need to be both confident and brave to play this game. Once you figure out the location of the barrier, the distance between you and the barrier and the time to jump, and then you only need to jump and run forward. Do not hesitate because any hesitation might lead you to the fall.
        So this game tests players' speed and braveness. Many players say that this game is a real challenge. This is because they will become panic once they run at a fast speed. So do not panic!
        At last, you should run at a consistent speed. Otherwise you will drop down in face of some obstacles. By keeping these golden rules in mind, you can have a try now. Now come and try this extreme game, see if you can break the record.

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