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Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart 7

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo 3DS

      This is a car racing game. You should note that new racing tracks are added to this game. In this game, many tracks are placed under the water or high in the sky. So players will have a wholly new game experience. Besides, players can also combine different tires and car parts to compete with other players. Besides, you should note that there are a great variety of props are also included in this game. So players can use them to deal with their enemies in an easier way. Don't worry. The operation method is still not very tricky for you although the number of props is increased. You can also invite your friends to play this game with you. This game supports eight players at most to enjoy this game with you. In the meantime, many players speak highly of the graphics of this game. In this way, they can feast their eyes on these beautiful graphics. There are many hidden car parts also included in this game. But they are needed to be unlocked first. Afterwards, you will be rewarded with additional points and right to apply new car parts. Generally speaking, this game is worthwhile to play. Compared with other games of the same series, this game is an upgraded version, which will expand players' horizon if they truly have an appetite for ACT games.