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Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart DS

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  • Nintendo DS

      This is a successful RAC. Compared with other car racing games, the charming point of this game is that there are a lot of props available to players. Different props have different specific functions, which need players to have a try by themselves. At the same time, players need to control the timing to use these props properly. Otherwise, they will kill themselves instead of their enemy. Players can also pick up many random props on the racing track to deal with their enemy. Anyway, this game is fit for multiple players to take part into this game at the same time. Another attractiveness of this game is that there are 16 different kinds of wholly new car racing tracks are added to this game. On these new racing tracks, players can obtain different props. These props including banana peels, green turtle shells and red turtle shells, etc. Moreover, the characters and different kinds of cars included in this game are beautifully designed. I belive players will be marvel at them for the first sight. Although there are many characters and much more racing tracks are involved in this game, it is actually easy for players to finish relative tasks as long as they master the drifting skill. All in all, no matter for old or new players, this game may be worth a try.