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    Mario Kart DS Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game is the fifth work of Mario Kart series of game. It is the first work made by Wifi. There are altogether 32 racing tracks in this game with 16 DS original tracks and other 16 nostalgic tracks. Eight players can compete with each other. But under the Wifi mode, this game supports only four players to take part into this game. Besides, this game also includes task mode.
        1. I think all of you are familiar with the red and green turtle shells. They can be fired out from different directions. It depends on your control ability and aiming preciseness to use these turtle shells in an effective way. You should not fire out these turtle shells randomly because sometimes they will counterattack you easily. Actually, these two kinds of ordinary weapons can be used as defence arms. You can hang the green turtle behind your car by pressing key L for a long period of time. Once you are followed closely by other cars, you can apply the direction key to attack them.
        Besides, once you are followed by a car which is armed with a red turtle shell, and then you can hang a green turtle sheel behind your car to deal with this red turtle shell. The specific applying method is similar to the way that the airplane evades the attack from the missile. You will get it by practicing more. But if the car ahead of your is equipped with a green turtle sheel or a banana peel, and then you should not waste other valuable weapons in your hand, but to fire your red shells at it. At the same time, you should make sure every red shell kills one enemy at least. You do not need to throw out your enhanced shells in a rush. On the contrary, you can ride around your enemy. Don't worry, no car will dare to crash into you.
        2. The banana peel can also be used as the green turtle. That is to say, you can also hang a banana peel behind your car. Sometimes, players rone to cast away their banana peel as soon as they pick them up from the ground. Actually, enhanced banana peel is more useful if you hang it behind your car. Moreover, it will not be a burden for you to pick up other props although you have packs of banana peels hung behind your car. So why not? In this way, no car will dare to use red turtle shells at you or follow you.
        3. Octopus is not an obvious prop in this game because it can not cover you up. So this prop is not very effective when you use it to deal with your enemy. Here, you should note that octopus can only attack the enemy in front of you automatically. But if you are the number one and throw an octopus out, it will come back and hit you.
        4. Lightening is a very powerful prop. It can help you kill all of your enemy by one strike. But you should pay attention to the proper timing to apply this weapon. Sometimes, lighting can help you and save your life. I believe that many players have such a kind of experience that you are the first one at the last circle. Besides, there is a bastard who is following you like a ghost. Suddenly, another stupid car get a blue turtle shell and you are blown to aside by it. It is really a pity to watch your opponent becoming the number one. In this kind of situation, if you have a lightening prop at hand, you can release it and rob your enemy of all of his props once you discern there is any disadvantage to your side. Moreover, you should know that the lightening will not disappear even if it drop onto the ground. My suggestion is that mushroom should be kept and turtle shells or banana peels should be ignored at this moment.
        5. You can use the ghost to steal the prop that you desire to. Besides, it can also help you become invisible and evade attack from other opponents. But you have to make use of golden opportunity to apply this prop.
        6. The only function of the blue turtle shell is to attack the first one. So if you are the first one and your follower is really threatening you. You can give up the first place for now until you get the blue fire flames. But remember do not get too close to your enemy. Or both of you will be dead.
        In terms of selecting a proper racing car, new players may not master drifting skill yet. So it is better for them to choose racing cars whose acceleration and turning performances are good. Excellent players can think about selecting speed-oriented or drift-oriented cars. Players need to master some relative car racing knowledge to get higher score although this car racing game in unlike other orthodox car racing game, such as GT, Winston, and Brooklyn McRae. The relative car racing skills include turning skills and the best line for drifting, etc.
        Concerning drifting, this is a cool but difficult skill for many players. In fact, correct drifting skill can help you get higher score easily in this game. First, let's talk about the drifting method in DS. You should hold down the accelerator by pressing key R until there is smoke. At this moment, you should apply right and left direction keys to get into red drifting. Next you release the key R for a period of acceleration. You can apply the drifting skill frequently as long as you can control it freely when playing this game, which can help you reduce a lot of gaming time with higher score.

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